Thursday, November 20, 2014

Random Thoughts Socks

A few things I am thinking about today...

Do you follow @BarbieStyle on Instagram? If not, you should. It is Barbie's official #OOTD account, and damn, that girl has got style!
I would totally wear that!

Josh and I are going to a wedding in December. I will probably wear my "go-to wedding dress"
DVF Zarita Lace Dress in Navy
 ...but, I really want to wear something red since it is so close to Christmas. I have never rented from Rent the Runway because I like to try things on multiple times before making a decision. Luckily, RTR now has a storefront here in DC. Might be time to finally take the plunge. Have you ever rented a dress? Which dress is your favorite?  

Who else is excited about Pitch Perfect 2? It is going to be ACA-MAZING! You better believe I will be there on opening night. Thank goodness these girls won't mind battling the crowds with me.

Speaking of these girls, they just started a blog that promises to be a fun read. I am excited to see what they have in store for us!
Donuts & Denim

I am about to go out of town for 10 days and feel VERY a bit disheveled today. I am not prepared for the trip. I totally over packed, and I am going to miss Walter so much. But, despite the craziness, I am looking forward to everything that is on my agenda. You can follow along with me through Instagram, and I will be continuing to post on the blog too. Are you always prepared when you leave for a trip? Or do you feel like you left a million things unfinished like I do today? 
I am sad to leave my sweet MWB but I know we are leaving him with the two best puppysitters ever. He probably loves having us gone. I imagine it to be like when I had a babysitter and couldn't wait for my parents to leave. Nonstop party!

What is on your mind today? 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wedding Day: Arriving At The Church

We arrived at the church an hour before the ceremony. San Fernando Cathedral has so much history which was one of the reasons Josh and I chose to get married there. It is the oldest cathedral in Texas; plus it is gorgeous!

We provided transportation for guests to and from the hotels, church and reception venue. Because the buses were picking guests up from the same spot as all of us girls, I decided to put my dress on at the church. This was a great decision because I stayed cool and comfortable for as long as possible. And, sure enough, I ran into a good amount of people in the hotel lobby. Got to save the big reveal for the walk down the aisle ;)

My something blue was sewn into my dress. Last time to use that monogram. 
Thank goodness for my amazing MOH. Those buttons were so hard to button, but she was able to do it!
My bridesmaids seeing me in my dress for the first time. I love their reactions. 
Still trying to get those last two buttons.
Touching up my makeup. Extra blush ;)

Veil Time...I loved my veil.

For my something old I wore my maternal great grandmother's wedding band and my paternal great grandmother's necklace as a bracelet. I had originally planned to just carry the necklace with my bouquet but decided to wear it at the last minute. Word of Advice: Be open to changing things as you go.

For my something borrowed, I wore Linda's grandmother's pearl necklace as a bracelet. It is beautiful and matched my dress perfectly. 

All the Gals!
Josh and I didn't want to do a "First Look." I can definitely see the pros of having one, but it wasn't for us. I had also planned to not have a first look with my Daddy. But after his "mysterious disappearance" we ended up having one after all, and I am so glad. It was a special moment for us and I am thankful for all of the pictures that captured it. 

From there all the ladies left to line up in the church but Samantha, my Daddy and me. We followed a few minutes later. The moments before my Daddy walked me down the aisle is one of my favorite moments of the day as well as my favorite memory of us ever. As cheesy as it sounds, it was something I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl. I got super emotional. He kept telling me it would be OK and held my hand tightly. We took some deep breaths and before I knew it we were starting our walk... 

My favorite picture of my Daddy and Me.
3 months later I still get teary eyed  and feel all of the same emotions I felt during those minutes with my Dadddy. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Weekend Recap: Showering Baby Charlie

On Friday night I caught a flight to Dallas to spend the weekend with my college best friend/roomie/sorority sister. Like I mentioned on 5 Things Friday, the main reason for the trip was to help host her Baby Shower but an added highlight was lots of time with my wonderful friend.

Robley and Brad picked me up from the airport and then we met up with Alycyn for dinner at a dive bar called Louie's. I love hole in the wall places, and this one fit the bill: delicious pizza and cold beer. Just what you need after a long day and a plane filled with 150 seventh graders.

We picked up Lanie from the airport after dinner, said good-bye to Alycyn and then drove to Fort Worth for a slumber party at Robley's. It felt like we were back in College Station at the Zeta House!

The next morning Robley's cousin Kate (and fellow shower hostess) and I left to help our final shower counterpart, Becca, set up for the shower. By the time we got there, Becca had pretty much finished setting up everything. We made final adjustments, set up the Mimosa Bar (holla), and then I took pictures while we waited for the guests to arrive.

Becca's husband prepared the food. All of it was delicious! Becca also incorporated nursery rhymes into all of the menu items. Too cute and so clever!
Welcome Table with Guest Book and Party Favors
Kate had these adorable party favor cookies made for guests to take home. Not only were they cute, but they were scrumptious. I ate both of mine on Sunday night when I got home.  
In case you have not yet guessed it, the theme of the shower was "Where The Wild Things Are." The blocks are from Etsy and we used the book as the guest book. 
We got the cake from the cutest little cake shop in Fort Worth. If you live in FW, I suggest checking out Leah's Sweet Treats. Her store front feels like the Mad Hatter's tea party and her cakes were elaborate and tasty. 
The Spread

At 11am the Momma-to-Be and the guests arrived and we started the party. We had 10 Zetas at the party, including Robley's Nana. Joining Zeta was the best thing that happened to me when I was at A&M. The friendships I made are genuine and loyal, and we continue to make new memories together. Love this group!

Aggie Zetas and Nana. Nana was a Zeta at UT because A&M did not accept woman at that time. However, as you can tell from he outfit, she is 100% an Aggie now!
Kate, Phyllis, Nana and Robley (The Momma)

For the first hour we snacked on the plentiful spread, sipped mimosas, and visited. Then after a game of "Nursery Rhyme Trivia" (which I was horrible at), it was time to open gifts!

Robley's momma has saved all sorts of things from when Robley was a baby and gave them to her at the shower. She also gave Robley copies of the baby books she read to her every night. It was evident how much they love one another and a such a sweet moment.

Robley and Rebecca
That little Aggie shirt was Robley's Dad's when he was a baby. Charlie has a lot of Aggie blood. 

Following the shower, all of the Zetas went back to Robley's to hangout together. It had been awhile since I have spent some quality time with them, and boy do I miss these girls!

Kristin and me! We were college roommates too!
Zetas and Elliott

That night Robley's parents hosted a dinner for the shower hostesses and family. I love spending time with Robley's parents. We feasted on Mexican food, drank wine (not Robley, obvi), and watched the Aggie Game. It was a nasty game because of the weather and the negative outcome. Despite the loss, we had a great evening. 

Giant Johnnie Walker bottle at Robley's parents house. So cool!
Phily and Robley 

The next morning I said a tearful goodbye to Kate and Brad (he is going to be such a fantastic Daddy so I got emotional). Robley and I drove to Dallas to have breakfast with Lanie and Alycyn at Lanie's parents' restaurant. It has such a fantastic vibe and the line was out the door. Luckily, we know the owners and got the best booth. I feasted on pancakes and a cheeseburger, and enjoyed seeing some of my favorite Dallas people (Alycyn, Lanie's Momma and Lanie's Godmother) two weekends in row. I left Dallas with a full stomach and ready for a nap. 

Once that baby is born I will be heading right back down to DFW to see Robley, Brad and Baby Charlie. I am so happy for them and so happy for Charlie. He has a Momma that loves him uncondtionally, will read to him daily, and cherish him wholeheartedly. He has a Daddy that will teach him to be a good man (just like his Daddy), to work with his hands, and to treat women well. (Brad has always taken care of us girls.) I look forward to seeing them grow as a family and making new memories with them.

It was an emotional weekend for me all around which is why I didn't post this yesterday. If you follow me on Facebook, you might have seen that a woman I have loved for pretty much my whole life passed away. I found out right when I landed on Friday and have since then felt a great sense of loss. Rachel had one of the most joyous spirits and was a woman of incredible faith. And while I feel heartbroken by her passing, I know that she is a better place. She is reunited with her loved ones that have gone before her and someday I will see her again.
I love you Rachel! Thank you for everything you have done for me. I will never forget you.