Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Donde Esta La Cerveza

I have been a fan of Southward Apparel for about a year. Started by two Texans (no wonder I am a fan), the company specializes in soft graphic tees that are made in the USA. Up until recently, I had never made a purchase but would visit their website regularly and do some "pretend shopping". You know the kind I am talking about: where you fill your online cart with everything your heart desires but then when it comes time to actually make the purchase you reluctantly leave. Just wishful wardrobe dreams. 

Back in June I was doing my normal "pretend shopping" when I spotted this neon tank. This time I knew I had to make a purchase. Not only was it in one of my favorite shades (I love all things highlighter-esque), but I also loved that it made me think of drinking cold beers on a hot summer night. The perfect addition to my not-so-updated summer wardrobe.

I have since worn this thing A LOT: to a soccer game, just hanging out around the house, everywhere. I also think it really sets off my fun earrings I purchased with my first blogger paycheck. Ole!

The sides of SA's tanks are cut pretty low. But, I just balance this by wearing a bright colored sports bra, bandeau, or tank top underneath which adds another dimension of color and layering. 

Obviously when posing for an awkward photo shoot in your backyard having a cute corgi as a prop makes everything easier. Drinking a cold beer helps too.  And, if you were wondering, yes! I did drink that.

TANK: Southward Apparel || SHORTS: Abercrombie & Fitch || EARRINGS: J.Crew
WATCH: Michael Kors || BANGLES: Mommasita || SUNGLASSES: Nordstrom

Hope your summer is filled with plenty of cervezas!

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