Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Younger Me: "I'm Bossy"

I have told this story on the blog before but I was thinking about my younger self and thought I would bring it back around for all of my new readers. Enjoy :)

My cousin Celeste is one of my best friends and has been since the day she was born. We actually were born on the same day but one year apart. Being the older cousin and an only child, I could be extremely kind of bossy. Lucky for me, Celeste listened to everything I said. It was the perfect partnership. If I wanted to play jobs (a game where we pretended to go to work..weird I know) that is what we did. If I wanted to play with the prettier doll, I did. If I wanted her snack and mine, she would give it to me. It was a beautiful relationship since day one...Celeste did everything I wanted. I was one happy camper.

Yum. Sprite!

Celeste and I both loved to do things that made us money. I have already talked about our Can Club, but we also had lemonade stands and bake sales that went door to door. We were excellent entrepreneurs. We brought the sweets to you!

One day, when Celeste was spending the weekend with me and Mommasita, we decided to bake chocolate chip cookies to sell to my neighbors. I had just received a new bike for my birthday (a bright pink-huffy with a radio), and Celeste was helping me learn to ride without my training wheels. (Celeste has always been the most athletic...hence her learning to ride without training wheels first.) Since I felt pretty confident that I could ride my bike door to door to sell the cookies, that is what we decided to do. I was going to ride my bike while Celeste walked. (haha what can I say...I was a bit bratty.) The second I climbed onto my huffy with all of the cookies in hand I fell over. All of the cookies broke into tiny pieces. Celeste was still standing on the grass at least 6 feet away. "LOOK AT WHAT YOU MADE ME DO CELESTE!!!" I screamed at her. She looked at me with her big, blue eyes and said "I'm So Sorry Olivia." For the rest of the day I made sure to let her know that it was her fault that all of the cookies were broken and that I had fallen.

How Celeste continued to play with me when we were little I still do not know. However, I do know that she is still one of my favorite people, and I like to think I treat her much better now. She was and still is my Best Friend! I love you Celestie! Thank you for always forgiving my bossy-self.

Still Best Friends!!!

What were you like when you were younger?
This was me...

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