Monday, May 11, 2015

The Perfect Jeans

For the longest time I was only a dresses and skirts kind of girl. Jeans and pants just didn't fit me right: I have a narrow waste but meaty quads. After college, I gave up the search for the perfect pair of jeans and just accepted the fact that I was destined to have cold legs every winter. Luckily, I totally subscribe to the leggings as pants trend so when that became popular my cold little legs were saved. 

But, you can't wear leggings to everything and eventually one must try to find some acceptable denim. And thus began my search for the perfect pair of jeans began. It took years. I tried on so much denim my hands started to get callouses and turn blue (or maybe that was from CrossFit). Either way, about two years ago, I finally found them and have not purchased a different brand or style since. 

I give you...THE PERFECT JEANS!!!

These jeans have the ideal mix of structure and give. Not as stretchy as jeggings, but not as constricting as regular denim which solved my meaty quad issue. Plus they keep their shape throughout the day and after several wears (I wear my jeans a few times before washing. Girl ain't got time for that). No saggy butt here. While they aren't cheap (roughly $150.00), they are also not as expensive as a lot of other denim brands. Plus, Guess regularly puts them on sale. I got my last two pairs over the Christmas holidays for $91.00 each! Score!

When I find something I like I buy it in several colors. Which is exactly what I did with these jeans (I now have 5 pairs). My legs have never been happier. 

Do you have trouble finding great jeans?

What is your favorite denim brand?

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