Monday, May 18, 2015

Rose With Rose

As each day gets warmer, I crave chilled wines more and more. While my palate might be ready for the hot days of summer, my skin wasn't. It has been feeling the affects of this harsh winter and hasn't been as dewy as I would like. On my last trip to Sephora, I noticed an ultra hydrating mask near the check out counter and made an impulse purchase. Whoever designed the last minute section in Sephora gets major kudos in my book because it works EVERY TIME. I can't say no to those travel-sized items if my life depended on it. 

Like most of my impulse buys, the mask stayed in a drawer for six weeks. However, last night after a long bath, I poured myself a glass guessed it, Rose, and decided it was time to see it work some magic. 

Before picture: Clean/Dry Skin
Mask in place! Kind of look like Jason right? Haha!

One of the main reasons I was intrigued by this mask was because of how easy it was. All you had to do was unfold the mask and put it on your face. Then you wait 15 minutes and simply take it off. No rinsing after either! Easy, easy, with no clean-up. 

It did prove to make drinking my Rose more difficult though. 

The 15 minutes went by really fast. I think a large part of this was due to how enjoyable it was to have the mask on my face. Other products I have used in the past smell horrible and make your face feel like you have on paper mache. This mask smelled wonderful. Just like fresh roses,. It was also soothing and cool, with an almost mentholated feeling. True, it as a bit slimy and I couldn't really talk (or drink my wine), but the pros majorly outweighed those cons.

When the 15 minutes was up, the directions said to simply take off the mask and then massage any residual product into your skin. I took this step a bit farther by squeezing all of the excess serum  out of the mask and into my hands (kind of like wringing a washcloth). I then massaging all of it (which was quite a bit) on to my face, neck and chest. It smelled/felt too good to let it go to waste. 

My skin really did feel more hydrated and healthy when it was all said and done. And today, I swear I can see an even greater improvement in the overall feel and look of my skin. 

Right after the mask: dewy and fresh
Oh, and back to drinking my Rose too.
If you were wondering, my robe is from Nordstrom. Alycyn gave it to me last year and it is the softest thing ever.  

These Sephora masks come in a variety of "flavors" and I plan to pick up a plethora on my next trip to the store. Since I only get this one skin, I don't mind spending money to take care of it. But that is the other huge benefit to these masks, they won't break the bank. One mask costs roughly $6.00. #bargain

Do you have any new beauty products you recommend? 

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