Thursday, March 12, 2015

CrossFit Open Recap: 15.2

Last Friday night I joined my fellow CFA friends to attempt 15.2 of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open. 15.2 ended up being a repeat workout from the year before.

Women's Rx Weight was 65 lbs and Men's Rx Weight was 95 lbs

The second the workout was announced on Thursday I was nervous. I remembered that it was hard. The thing that makes 14.2 aka 15.2 tricky is that if you DON'T complete the two rounds in the first three minutes then you are finished. That is it. End of that workout for you. Last year, I only got 24 reps in the 3 minutes, and therefore didn't make it into the next round. That 3 minutes goes by quickly. This year my goal was to at least make it into the 3-6 minute section. 

Like I mentioned in my "how to crush the open" post, a huge pro to attending a group Open night is that you can get advice from others and see people attempt the WOD. Josh ended up going in the first group so I was able to watch his pacing. He ended up scoring 66 reps, a 25 rep improvement from the year before!

Despite seeing Josh crush the WOD and do better, I was a nervous wreck. I am incredibly competitive with myself and wanted to make it through the 3 minutes so bad.

Some might say I was in the zone, but I was really trying not to throw up. 
Hi Torpy!

Finally, it was my turn to go. I was ready to get it over with! My plan of attack for this WOD was to move as fast as possible so that I could make it into the next round. Since I ran out of time last year, I knew that the clock moves fast. I also knew that the chest-to-bar pull-ups would be the part that took me the longest, so I wanted to do all of the overhead squats unbroken...

...which I did! Woo hoo! Now on to the pull-ups. I did sets of three for the first 6 and then went to singles. 

Then it was time to get back on the barbell for my next set of 10 overhead squats. I had about 90 seconds left. Again, I did these squats unbroken and then moved back to the pull-up bar. On this round I did all of the pull-ups as singles: jump up to the bar, pull-up, jump down, rest for 2 seconds, and then back up again. I ended up finishing all of them with 15 seconds to spare (woohoo!) and reached my goal of making it into the next round!

I was very excited, but there was no time to celebrate. Before I knew it I had to get right back on the barbell for more overhead squats, and this time it was a set of 12. 

Because my goal had just been to make it into the second round, I hadn't really planned a strategy for how to survive in it once I got there. I had gunned it in the first round so by minute 3 I was EXHAUSTED. I did 6 overhead squats and then took a break with the bar on my back. When I went back down for rep 7, I ended up failing and had to start over. Failing is no fun and takes up way too much energy. It took me about a whole minute to finish the 12 overhead squats. Quite a difference from the 15 seconds in round 1. 

Now it was time for more chest-to-bar pull-ups. I was seeing stars by this point and pretty much over the whole thing. But, I kept trying. I did singles and failed several times, but I was able to knock out 9 pull-ups before the time was up. 

I was winded but very excited. Last year, I left 14.2 feeling defeated, but this year I was able to see how much I have improved and surpassed my goal with a 37 rep increase too. 

Now, I am anxiously awaiting tonight's announcement for 15.3. 
Do you have any guesses? Per Dave Castro's hints on Instagram, I am going with Double Unders, Wall Balls, and Pistols. Minus the pistols, I kind of like it. We'll see if my predictions are correct. 

How did 15.2 go for you? 

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