Friday, March 6, 2015

CrossFit Open Recap: 15.1

Bright and early on Sunday morning I attempted the first workout of the 2015 CrossFit Games Open: 15.1 and 15.1a. 

This was the first time I have ever seen a "Part A" in the Open, and I loved that it added a whole new dynamic to the competition. Normally we do "1-Rep-Max" work at the beginning of class (when you are still fresh). So trying to establish my heaviest lift after an exhausting workout was going to be a challenge. A challenge I was ready to take on!

For 15.1, I wasn't that worried about the deadlift or snatch elements. 75lbs is really light for deadlift for me, and while it isn't a walk in the park to snatch at that weight, I knew I could do it. The toes-to-bar was the element I was not looking forward to though. I can do them, but I am not the best at stringing them together. They tend to be my Achilles heel in WODs. Our coach Danny suggested that I try doing singles with two boxes on either side of my feet. As long as I started the movement with my feet behind me, I could come down from the bar on the boxes. This would eliminate the need to keep jumping up to the bar and in exchange would conserve my energy. I was apprehensive at first. I don't really like trying something new right before a competition, but in the end decided to take his advice. 

Danny was so right! The boxes helped tremendously, and I am also glad that I started with singles right away. Sometimes singles actually make you go faster than stringing a movement together and then needing a longer break time. 

From the T2B, I went straight into the deadlift which took no time. I did all 10 unbroken every round. 

Then I went into the snatch. I didn't cycle these and dropped from the top after every lift. I think this helped me conserve energy and stay on a good pace. 

This WOD killed my forearms and my grip. I reversed gripped for the deadlifts and even did it sometimes for the T2B. 

My goal going into the WOD was to try and get 4 rounds even. I ended up finishing with 116 Reps so just four reps shy of my goal. Even though I missed it, I was very happy with my score. But, there was no time to celebrate because once that 9 minutes was over it was time to focus on 15.1a. 

My friend Kristin (and the person who took all of these great pics) gave me some advice before starting this WOD. She said to take the first minute of 15.1a to rest and catch my breath. Which is what I did. 

After, my quick break, I got my bar ready for my first attempt: 105lbs. I did it easily and added 10 more pounds for an attempt at 115lbs (my current 1 Rep Max). This one was a bit more difficult because of the clean. I have a fear of getting under the bar. Once I have it in the front rack position, I can get it overhead easily, but the clean is the difficult part for me. Either way, I did it and moved on to 125lbs, which would be my heaviest C&J ever. 

I attempted and failed. Luckily, I had so many of my friends at the gym encouraging me and giving me advice. They all told me to NOT be afraid of the bar and get under it. So with a minute left, I tried again...and I DID IT

Woohoo! 125lb Clean-and-Jerk and a new PR. I decided to stop there even though I had time left. I knew I wouldn't be able to go heavier and I didn't want to hurt myself. Plus I was pumped with my lift! Might as well end on a high note :)

All in all, 15.1 couldn't have gone better, and I am so thankful for all of the encouragement I received! The people at CF are what make CF so much fun, and I am excited for tonight and my attempt at 15.2. 

How did 15.1 go for you?

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