Friday, March 13, 2015

5 Things Friday

Walter during last week's snowstorm. He tried to bring that branch stick into the house. 

Did you watch the announcement for 15.3 last night? I am saving my thoughts for my recap, but it is going to be interesting. However, before I attempt my first muscle up, I have to survive my annual girls trip, the 6th Annual Maple Fest (aka SnuggleFest). If you don't have time to go read all of my maple recaps from the past, I can summarize the weekend with a simple mathematical equation:

Lots of Wine + Lots of Syrup = Ridiculousness

Have a great weekend my friends!

More Snowstorm...
Throwback to last year's Maple Fest shenanigans. See what I meant by that math equation! 
On Wednesday, I went to a Cody Canada & Jason Boland concert, and at the end of Cody's set he threw me his harmonica! I can guarantee that it will get played multiple times over the weekend because taking a harmonica to Maple Fest is a must. 
Stillwater Punch, my new favorite cocktail!


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  1. What's in a stillwater punch and can we make them this weekend? CAN NOT WAAAAIITTT!!!