Monday, February 23, 2015

Weekend Recap: Winter Wine and Wining...

Winter just keeps getting more brutal here in DC. On Friday night, I was a total party animal and spent my evening washing wine glasses, watching TV, and eating a District Taco vegetarian feast. Now that we are in the Lenten Season I foresee a lot of bean and cheese tacos and queso in my future.

The next morning, Walter woke us up at the crack of dawn (a new bad habit of his) which made it easy to get up for the 8AM WOD. 

Overhead squat is far from my best Olympic lift. I finished exactly 9 rounds using 75lbs. I wore my lifters which helped me immensely (I tend to roll forward on my toes), and they didn't mess up my double unders. Anytime I can wear my lifters for a WOD, I do it! 

After breakfast, Josh and I headed into DC to meet Alycyn, Lanie, Beth and Dave for drinks. Alycyn was in town for work, and despite it already snowing heavily outside, I knew I had to see my wonderful roomie. Drinking wine while wining about the never ending winter weather is much better with good friends!

A pirate and three girls walk into a wine bar...

When the bar closed and the weather started to get worse, Josh and I drove back over the bridge to Virginia. We spent the rest of the cold day on the couch, ordered Chinese food, and watched Birdman. I thought it was incredible and I can totally see why it won Best Picture. All of the acting was phenomenal!

The next morning, I braved the ice and met up with the girls for a boozy brunch. This brunch wasn't boozy because of mimosas or cocktails, but because of boozy cereal: normal cereal with milk that had alcohol added to it. Sounds strange but it was quite delicious!

Following brunch, we went to Beth's house to watch Lifetime movies and snuggle under her collection of fleece blankets. Alycyn and I met Josh at 5PM Mass, and then he and I headed home where I continued to watch Lifetime movies. I forgot how much I love those horribly written works of entertainment! The weekend ended with a celebratory Beer-rita, in honor of National Margarita Day, and some leftover homemade chili. 

Being on East Coast time, the Oscars started too late for me, but I caught up on all of the highlights this morning. Emma Stone (fantastic in Birdman) was my vote for Best Dressed. 

How was your weekend?

Who was Best Dressed in your opinion?

Did you agree with Birdman winning Best Picture?
I saw a good amount of the nominees this year, and I am not surprised that Birdman won. However, I thought Boyhood had a strong chance too. 

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