Friday, February 27, 2015

5 Things Friday

Isn't my grandma a hottie? Not only is she beautiful, but she is the most generous person I know. Love you Nene!

While most of us are ready for Winter to end, Walter is still loving this weather. Every morning he is anxious to get out the door and into the cold. I, on the other hand, am tired of coats, tired of slick sidewalks, and tired of staying indoors. Luckily, I have the Open to get my blood pumping tonight and knock me out of my seasonal affective disorder. Like Elle Woods said, exercise makes you happy. So I am excited to start my weekend on the right track. Have a great one my friends!

A blurry Flashback Friday. Go Jerseys! 
In honor of the Open tonight, I give you a handstand. In honor of me wishing for warmer weather, I give you a beach. 
I had originally planned to only post the picture of him loving the snow, but then I saw this one from Christmas. I love it because the expression on his face is hilarious. He is obviously over posing with those antlers on. Love that little guy!
I gave up sweets and candy for Lent and already miss cupcakes desperately. Yellow cake with chocolate icing is my favorite combo. What is yours? 


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