Friday, February 20, 2015

5 Things Friday

Flashback Friday: Being that it was 1° this morning in DC, I am dreaming of warmer temperatures. Even the 60° temps of AZ in November seem downright hot compared to what we have been experiencing. Take me back to the desert!

Brrrrr! DC feels like the new Antarctica. The only way to battle these Arctic temps is to stay inside where it is nice and warm. I plan to do just that this weekend. But, to ensure that cabin fever does not ensue, I will be spending that time indoors in the company of great friends because Alycyn is in town. Woo hoo! I foresee a lot of wine drinking in our future. Have a great one my friends!

Someone who doesn't mind all of the cold and snow: Mister Walter Bates. This was on Monday, right when the snow first started falling, and he was on Cloud Nine. Later, when there was 6 more inches on the ground, he was in Hog Heaven. This little guy cannot get enough of the white stuff and has a blast running through it!
A lot of things make me happy but getting new face products is at the top of my list!
Like I mentioned last Friday, I love Valentine's Day and all things love. So February 14th was the perfect excuse to get a pink heart painted on my ring fingers. My other 8 nails just had a simple coat of Essie Mademoiselle, but those ring fingers were styling :)
This Ikea couch has been an amazing piece of furniture. It has survived over seven years of wine spills, overnight guests, chocolate stains, and an incident similar to the Exorcists' pea soup scene. Now add a puppy who sheds like crazy and loves to run through the mud into the mix and the couch has seen better days. In an attempt to hide the puppy hair and multiple memories stains, I bought some pillows from HomeGoods. It instantly gave the couch (and living room for that matter) a face lift. Plus they didn't break the bank so if Walter decides to eat them (which is very likely) I won't be too upset. 


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