Friday, February 6, 2015

5 Things Friday

I attempted to do some flower arranging last weekend. I love having fresh flowers in the house, but I am always lost when it comes time to put them in a vase. I would benefit from a flower arranging class. Might be looking into that soon. 

Today is one of those days where all I can think about is summer. It is freezing outside and the thought of warm sunshine has never sounded so good. I will be spending most of my weekend indoors trying to stay cozy which has been a consistent theme the last few weeks. Have a great one my friends :)

Our electricity went out on Monday night and never was I happier to have a fireplace in the house. Not only did it give us light but it warmed up the absolutely frigid house. 
Two couch potatoes in their TV spots... 
Speaking of Walter, he is now a legit and registered member of the AKC! 
To celebrate we had some champs and cupcakes last weekend. This was Walter's first puppy cupcake and he loved it!


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