Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Weekend Recap: Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things

While this was our second weekend back since our big Texas trip, it felt like the first. Having an extra day helped too, and while I feel like I got to relax and chill, I also feel like I got accomplished which I love.

Friday night started off with some bubbly and pizza delivery. Later, Josh and I watched Boyhood. Have you heard of it? It is that movie that took 12 years to make and they use the same actors for every year. It was really good. Highly suggested. Plus it has been nominated for a good amount of Academy Awards. I like to watch all of the nominees every year. 

The next morning we went to CrossFit. It was my first Saturday WOD in a while so I was nervous, but it ended up not being that bad. I used the Rx weight and stuck to chest-to-bar pullups until I got to the round with 15 reps. Then I had switched to normal pullups. 

We went home and while I showered, Josh made us breakfast tacos. Yum! I also had four drinks to go along with it: coffee, orange juice, water, and (not pictured) chocolate milk. That is my favorite thing about brunch...lots of drinks! 

That afternoon I went shopping with Lanie for...HER WEDDING DRESS! She got engaged over Christmas and this was her first time going to look at dresses. While we always knew she wasn't going to "say yes to the dress" on Saturday, we had so much fun and I can't wait to see what she ultimately picks. She is going to be a gorgeous bride! 

We worked up a thirst after all of that shopping, so we spent the rest of the afternoon sipping bubbly at a bar in Old Town. Bubbly and my BFF...can't get better than that ;) 

That evening I met Josh for dinner and a movie. We dined on some scrumptious Italian food (I was starving too), and then battled the crowds to see American Sniper. All I can say is WOW! It is a phenomenal movie. All of the acting is top notch, but Bradley Cooper is spellbinding. Seriously, go see this movie in the theater. 

On Sunday, we woke up early to go to Mass before meeting our friends for a birthday brunch. It was cold, rainy and nasty. The perfect day to hole up in a bar and drink with friends.

The bar had a great deal on mimosas, which I took FULL advantage of...a little too much. I fell asleep on the way home and didn't wake up again until 7PM! The rest of my night consisted of trashy TV and McDonald's. 

Yesterday, Josh and I had the day off. We went to CF in the morning (brutal workout...my back is so sore) and then I made breakfast.  

Josh ended up going into the office for a bit while I stayed home to deal with the mess our sweet puppy made...

To give him credit, he accomplished all of that destruction while we were watching, but it is all clean now. Later I worked on my blog while watching the Bachelor and doing laundry. Are you watching this season? There are some WACKOs. 

Josh got home at around 5 and I made dinner. We are trying to get back on our healthy eating kick. The weekend ended with Downton Abby and lots of puppy snuggles. 

Like I said, it was the perfect balance of relaxing and productive. I love weekends like that.

How was yours? 

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