Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend Recap: Embracing The Lazy...

Disclaimer: I was SO LAZY this weekend. So unless you like looking at posts that consist mainly of food items (which I do) this might be the time to turn away. When you are lazy all weekend the biggest thing on the to-do list is what to eat next :) 

Friday night was rainy, nasty and cold. The perfect night to stay in and watch movies. But, we did the opposite. We met up with some friends for dinner at Lauriol Plaza (the best Mexican in DC proper) and then headed to a fundraiser for Taste of the South (aka DC Prom Night for the Southern kids). Beth was in charge of promoting the event so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect: lots of Southern transplants getting drunk on the open bar. But, I had not expected to see such an insane turnout. The place was packed! We danced, drank, and stayed out way past my normal bedtime! 

After our late night there was no way we were making it to CrossFit the next morning. I hate skipping Saturday WODs. But since it was still cold and rainy (and the WOD required running outside), it was pretty easy to stay snuggled up on the couch. We watched movies, snuggled our puppy, and ate A LOT!

Pizza and wings for lunch
Pho for dinner

The next morning we resumed our positions on the couch and watched a documentary called Bourbontucky, which is all about the bourbon industry. It was so good! Josh is a big bourbon drinker while I usually pick wine. But after watching that movie, I want to start drinking the Kentucky elixir.

Later in the day, I finally decided to be productive. I went to the grocery store, started some laundry, and prepped dinner. Walter helped. 

When we got home from church, I popped our dinner in the oven and we opened some wine. 

Cheesy Veggie Chicken Rice Casserole...recipe adapted from here! 

We ate dinner on the couch (might as well keep it warm after all of the use it got this weekend) and relaxed some more. It was great!

Sometimes you need a weekend with no commitments and just time at home, and that is just what we got. Now I feel prepared for my busy week!

How was your weekend?

Do you ever have super lazy weekends?

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