Thursday, January 22, 2015

CrossFit Fashion: Cold Weather Edition

In college and when I first moved to DC, my gym clothes consisted of Soffe shorts and old college tees. Slowly, as I got more into marathon running and then CrossFit, I started to cultivate more "exercise specific" attire. My new clothes made me feel more confident and prepared for my sweat sessions, and therefore a believer in the adage that your exercise performance will improve when you like what you are wearing. 

In the summer, my CrossFit attire is pretty basic: shorts, tank, shoes and socks. But during these frigid winter months, I wear a lot more layers and gradually shed them as I start moving and get warmed up. 

I wear a variation of three top layers: a jacket, a pullover, and a tank. Linda gave me this North Face Jacket last Christmas and I am OBSESSED with it. Despite being thin and lightweight (great for traveling), it is insanely warm. Plus it is my signature color. 

Once I get to the box, I remove my jacket and complete the warm up in my pullover. My body needs time to get acclimated to the cold gym so this extra layer keeps me warm while we start moving. 

Sometimes I leave my pullover on for only 5 minutes. Sometimes I leave it on until right before the WOD. But when it is time to start the intense portion of the class, I get down to the bare minumum. CF makes me sweat, so even in these cold months, I need tanks or tight tees. Lululemon makes some of my favorites but I also love Under Armor and Nike. 

There are two items that I never waver on brand: Lululemon Run Inspire Crop II Pants and Nike Sports Bras. My drawers are full of both of these items. The pants are flattering (ie make your butt look good). But they are also easy to move in and wick away sweat. As for the sports bra, I like my "girls" to stay put when doing box jumps, running and all things CF. They do not budge when I wear these sports bras so I never wear a different kind. They are the best, they wash well, and they keep they don't stretch out. 

TANK: Lululemon
LEGGINGS: Lululemon
SOCKS: Wigwam (seriously, the BEST socks)
SHOES: Reebok

Do you feel like your workout clothes improve your performance?

Do you have any favorite items?

And now for your viewing pleasure some (even more) awkward outtakes...

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  1. haha you are so cute! I personally love Old Navy's active wear line - and it's super cheap!!