Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Channeling Mary Kate & Ashley

When someone mentions the Olson twins an image of the cute little girls from Double Double Toil and Trouble might come to mind. But, for the most part, my mind immediately goes to their signature style: big sweater, lots of black and over-sized sunglasses. I love this look, but have often feared that I would get swallowed up in the voluminous fabrics and lack of color. That fear was diminished when Josh and I visited my Mommasita and my Nene over my birthday. My grandma was totally rocking the "Mary Kate & Ashley" look and she looked AMAZING! Even better, she got everything she was wearing from an affordable store that people from small towns will recognize, Cato. I knew I needed her exact ensemble so we drove over to the store. In addition to her leopard sweater, I boughr three new pieces for less than $55.00 total. What a steal! I have received so many compliments on this look and plan to continue replicating it throughout the winter. 

This little guy kept photoboming all the pictures. If you want to play "Where's Walter?" his ears make a cameo in several pics ;)

SWEATER: Cato (no longer available but similar here and here)
CAMI: Target
LEGGINGS: Marshall's (best place to buy leggings)
BOOTS: Tory Burch (no longer available but similar here)
WATCH: Michael Kors
SUNGLASSES: Dior (my fave)
EARRINGS: Mommasita

Below you will find my inspiration for this look, my gorgeous grandmother. Isn't she a hottie?

Finally (because Walter looks too cute not to post), I leave you with this VERY awkward picture of myself. Worst pose ever! I am hoping with more practice I will get a bit better at this whole "what I wore" thing. Doesn't Walter look happy though?

Who are your style inspirations?

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