Monday, January 19, 2015

A Texas Christmas Road Trip

I'mmmmmmmm back! To be completely honest, I have been back for 2 weeks. But like anytime you return from a long trip, it took me way longer to get caught up on everything than I planned. Now that things are calmer and I am officially unpacked, I am ready to get back into this whole blogging thing. I have a lot of great posts in the works and I look forward to sharing them with you. Thank you for reading and without further ado, here is my Christmas recap (I wrote this the day we after we got back but never posted):

Whew! What a trip! Josh and I got back from our Christmas vacation yesterday at 6PM. It was a long trip but a great one.

Josh drove down to Texas from the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia area) a week before Christmas, and then I flew down and met him in Houston on the 23rd. We spent the night with his Daddy, and then drove down to Falfurrias to spend Christmas with my Daddy and Linda.

Walter was an excellent road-tripper! 

We had a family party (and White Elephant Exchange) at Linda's dad's. Walter and his new siblings, Fifi and Viva, also came along. I was a bad blogger on this day. Not only did I not take a single picture, but I ended up leaving my camera at Papa's which led to not taking pictures the rest of the week. Despite the lack of documentation, we had a great time. The Salty Dogs (vodka and grapefruit juice) were a flowing, the company was fantastic, and the food was plentiful!

Fifi and Viva

After Mass on Christmas Day, we opened presents and spent time together as a family, including my sister and her fiance who arrived the night before. Later the guys went hunting while us girl watched Frozen. This was my first time seeing it, and now I love it just like every other seven year old.

Christmas Morning 

On the 26th, we went hunting all day in Hebbronville. I love spending time on the ranch, but all of that sitting can take it's toll on my bum.

Taking a moment to stretch my legs. 
Lunch break = Dressed Dos Equis Break
We always stop to see my gorgeous Madrina (Godmother) whenever we are in Hebbronille! Love you Marta!

My sister's fiance shot a trophy buck that night! The deer scored 159 (which is really really good) and you should have seen Cody crawl on his belly to make the shot. Too cool!

The boys went hunting again the next day while us girls spent the day in town. We went to Zumba (it felt so good to sweat after all of that sitting), out to breakfast, and shopping.

On Sunday, I drove down to my Mommasita's and Josh stayed in Fal to continue hunting with my dad which worked out perfectly. My hunting hubby got to keep looking for a trophy while my Momma and I got to spend some time together. We went 100 miles per hour the entire time I was with her but we did make time to stop for multiple champagne breaks.

Josh got his trophy (and our meat supply for the year), and then drove down on New Year's Eve to spend the holiday with us. While he grilled a beef tenderloin, we sipped bubbly and toasted to all of the blessing we received in 2014. It was a spectacular year, but I truly feel like each year just keeps getting better and better. We were excited to bring in 2015!

On New Year's Day my Momma and I attempted to brave the mall (big mistake), but gave up and met Josh for lunch. Later we packed up the car, said our goodbyes (it never gets easier) and drove up to the ranch to spend one more night with my Daddy and Linda. We watched football, ate tacos, and sat by the fire. Again, it was hard to say goodbye the next day when we started our trek back up north. Being on the ranch with my family is a major highlight of my year. 

Walter had a blast in Texas. 
Got to stop for Mexican food when in South Texas.
He was not amused with my love of selfies. 

We stopped in San Leon to spend the night with Josh's sweet Daddy, Bill. Per tradition, we had to go to Gilhooley's for dinner. Gosh that place is delicious! Best dive seafood bar ever.

The next morning Bill made us a big breakfast before we loaded up the Jeep (and Walter) and started the 21 hour drive back to DC. Despite the fact that it rained 99% of the way, the trip wasn't that bad. I had great company in Josh and Walter. Josh did all of the driving. My job was to keep Walter happy which was easy...he just snoozed on my lap the entire time. Midway, we picked up a book on tape from the Cracker Barrel which also helped make the time go by faster. My only complaint was that I was ready for a vegetable. Two days of fast food (which I enjoyed at the time) eventually made me feel gross. I am excited to get back on track.

Overall, it was one of the most relaxing breaks I have had in awhile and I loved being with all of the people I love, especially Joshua. 2015 is going to be a great year, and I can't wait to see what all is in store for us!

Did you have a great Christmas? 

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