Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Wedding Day: Reception Decor

Meanwhile, while we were getting ready and at the church getting hitched, our wedding team was decorating our reception venue, the McNay Art Museum which is a historical Spanish hacienda. 

I didn't share any of our theme/vision prior to the wedding because I wanted it to be a surprise for our guests. But also because I changed my idea on the look at least a dozen times. It wasn't until about 60 days out that we finalized how we wanted everything to look, and I could not be happier with the finished product. It was gorgeous! Since we didn't/couldn't use any decorations at the church, we were able to focus all of our budget and efforts on the reception.

My Momma was adamant that we use long tables at the reception. She said that they would promote conversation and she was 100% right. Round tables force you to only talk to the people on either side of you and most of the time a giant arrangement is in your way when trying to talk to the people across from you. Long tables also made it possible for us to have more seats in the auditorium.

For floral we went with fresh greenery and made long garlands to adorn the tables. We filled them with succulents, roses, hydrangeas and battery operated votives. It felt like a secret garden. 

We hung three rod-iron chandeliers from the ceiling and adorned the middle one with garlands.

A woman named Cathy Young baked both of our cakes. Y'all, these were the best tasting cakes I have ever had! Josh and I didn't save the top tier of the cake. I plan to have her bake fresh ones (a small white and a small chocolate) for us on our first anniversary, and I am already looking forward to eating them. Yum!

Another detail we focused on was nice linens and great chairs. Chairs take up the majority of your venue space so picking something you love is important. We covered the chairs for the head table and left the rest of them uncovered which I think added to the garden party feel. 

A big tip: make sure your photographer takes pictures of your venue before the party starts and also (if you can) sneak in and get a private peek yourself. Josh and I both got to see it all set up before we opened the doors to our guests and I loved having that moment. 

Really, I could not be happier with how everything turned out, and I have included links to all of our vendors below. They were instrumental in making sure all of the details were put into place, especially our Wedding Planner. I will forever be grateful! 

Wedding Planner: Country Sugar
Florist: Elizabeth Gonzalez with Southern Blooms

Happy Wednesday!

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