Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Wedding Day: Kicking Off The Reception With A Song

In between the ceremony and the reception, Josh and I had the typical "Catholic Gap". Since Catholic Churches normally have a Saturday Mass at 5pm, you usually only have the option to have an early afternoon wedding or late in the evening wedding. If you choose the afternoon option you almost always have a Catholic Gap: some time in between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception. Luckily for us we only had a gap that last 75 minutes. While our guests were given a short tour of San Antonio on the buses we provided for transportation (they passed by the Alamo and other San Antonio landmarks and there were coolers of beer and water on board), the wedding party finished up pictures. This is a pro to the gap. You are able to start partying when all of your guests do too. We arrived at the reception before all of the guests actually. Once they arrived at the McNay, they began cocktail hour in the main part of the museum and in the garden. While they sipped on drinks and snacked on hor 'doeuvre, they were also serenaded by a 12 piece Mariachi Band.

Josh and I were taking a few pictures during this time when our Wedding Planner came and told us that they needed to open the main reception spot earlier than planned. It was getting crowded and we need to get people into the large space. We were trying to decide how to funnel people into the room when I decided to sing a song with the Mariachi band. While I had never said I wouldn't sing at the wedding, I had never planned on it either. I just wanted to see what happened. There was already so much going on that I didn't want to add an additional element. However, when this moment presented itself I knew that it was meant to be! Josh and I snuck into the main room to get our private sneak peak, and then we opened the door for everyone. 

As people started to file in, I found my friend Michelle and borrowed her phone. I decided to sing a love song that I hadn't sang in over 8 years so I needed a quick refresher and looked up the lyrics.

Once a majority of the room was filled, I started my song: Tu Solo Tu. This was always my Dad's favorite Mariachi song.

Singing was one of my favorite moments of the night, and I am so glad I did it now. Plus Josh loved it (he is my pageant dad) and it really kicked off the party

Here are the lyrics in Spanish. The title means "You and Only You":

Miro como ando mujer
Por tu querer
Borracho y apasionado
No más por tu amor.

Mira como ando mi bien
Muy dado a la borrachera
Y a la perdición.

Tú sólo tú
Has llenado de luto mi vida
Abriendo una herida en mi corazón

Tú... tú sólo tú
Eres causa de todo mi llanto
De mi descanto y desesperación.

Sólo tu sombra fatal
Sombra de mal
Me sigue por dondequiera
Con ostinación
Y por quererte olvidar
Me tiro a la borrachera
Y a la perdición.

It isn't necessarily a "happy love song" (most mariachi songs are not happy) haha but it is about an undying/unfaltering love, and for that fact, I felt like it was perfect. Josh thought so too and that is all that mattered!

Immediately after the song, our wedding band took the stage and we went into our first dances.

Excellent timing and again, all spontaneous!

More to come next week...


  1. It was such a sweet moment - loved reliving it just now!

  2. That is SO awesome! Do you have a video of it??