Friday, December 5, 2014

5 Things Friday

A few weeks ago we had a WOD that contained elements that were all in my wheel house: double unders, box jumps and heavy russian twists. It was 10 rounds and I did the DUs unbroken for 9 of them. This helped me make the Leader Board! Woo hoo! It had been awhile since I was on there.

This is my first weekend home in over 3 weeks. I am looking forward to some time on the couch and sleeping in my own bed. Josh's birthday is this weekend too so in between relaxing we will be doing a good amount of celebrating. Happy Birthday Handsome! I love you so!

I will probably be posting pics of the Grand Canyon for the next 6 months. It was too incredible! 
These pancakes from Lanie's parents' restaurant were some of the best I ever had. Fluffy and delicious. I didn't order them, but after Lanie let me taste hers I ended up eating all of them half her stack.
I misplaced my eyeliner a few weeks ago. When I flew to Texas for Robley's baby shower I passed this nifty vending machine. It had all sorts of fun beauty products including eyeliner. Saved me a trip to the mall and I love the product. I had never used Benefit Eyeliner before but now I am hooked. 
How cute is this Aggie Santa? But, that isn't the reason I took the picture. Look at the last two names on his list: Joshua and Olivia! 


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  1. Love that Aggie Santa and how perfect with your names! Also, I am happy to share my pancakes with you anytime BFFSM :)