Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Wedding Day: Meanwhile The Boys

Meanwhile, across the river, the boys were getting ready in Josh's room.

Like us they hung out together while getting dressed, but they sipped whiskey instead of mimosas. 

Josh has a great group of guy friends. Each and every one of them is loyal, the life of the party and fun to be around. And like my bridesmaids, they made the wedding weekend much less stressful. Being surrounded by great friends and family is must on your wedding day. 

Time to head to the church!

Do you see that phone? This is the moment when we were calling Josh to see if he could find my dad. Originally my Daddy was supposed to ride with the girls to the church but when he went missing we told him to ride with Josh. Yet, Josh couldn't find him either!

And look who was there! My Daddy at the church. Still no clue how he got there but he made it and that is all that matters. I need to remember to ask him how he got there the next time I talk to him.
All photos courtesy of the talented Rachael Hall
More to come next week...

*On a side note, I contemplated shorting up the wedding recaps so that it didn't seem like I was 
1. Dragging out the series forever
2. Over sharing
but then I decided I wanted to go into a lot of detail. I can come back to these posts in later years to remember our wedding day, and I like sharing advice with future brides and grooms. Going through each moment of the day helps me remember different things that I wish I had known or that helped me. Anyway, end of my public service announcement and more long posts to come. *

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  1. I love that you're blogging about the various aspects of the months leading up to the big event AND the day itself! It's so fun to relive it all, and also find out what everyone else was doing (aka the boys) while we were having our own girly fun. You will definitely love to come back to these later on in your marriage and reflect on the special memories!