Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wedding Day: Arriving At The Church

We arrived at the church an hour before the ceremony. San Fernando Cathedral has so much history which was one of the reasons Josh and I chose to get married there. It is the oldest cathedral in Texas; plus it is gorgeous!

We provided transportation for guests to and from the hotels, church and reception venue. Because the buses were picking guests up from the same spot as all of us girls, I decided to put my dress on at the church. This was a great decision because I stayed cool and comfortable for as long as possible. And, sure enough, I ran into a good amount of people in the hotel lobby. Got to save the big reveal for the walk down the aisle ;)

My something blue was sewn into my dress. Last time to use that monogram. 
Thank goodness for my amazing MOH. Those buttons were so hard to button, but she was able to do it!
My bridesmaids seeing me in my dress for the first time. I love their reactions. 
Still trying to get those last two buttons.
Touching up my makeup. Extra blush ;)

Veil Time...I loved my veil.

For my something old I wore my maternal great grandmother's wedding band and my paternal great grandmother's necklace as a bracelet. I had originally planned to just carry the necklace with my bouquet but decided to wear it at the last minute. Word of Advice: Be open to changing things as you go.

For my something borrowed, I wore Linda's grandmother's pearl necklace as a bracelet. It is beautiful and matched my dress perfectly. 

All the Gals!
Josh and I didn't want to do a "First Look." I can definitely see the pros of having one, but it wasn't for us. I had also planned to not have a first look with my Daddy. But after his "mysterious disappearance" we ended up having one after all, and I am so glad. It was a special moment for us and I am thankful for all of the pictures that captured it. 

From there all the ladies left to line up in the church but Samantha, my Daddy and me. We followed a few minutes later. The moments before my Daddy walked me down the aisle is one of my favorite moments of the day as well as my favorite memory of us ever. As cheesy as it sounds, it was something I had been dreaming about since I was a little girl. I got super emotional. He kept telling me it would be OK and held my hand tightly. We took some deep breaths and before I knew it we were starting our walk... 

My favorite picture of my Daddy and Me.
3 months later I still get teary eyed  and feel all of the same emotions I felt during those minutes with my Dadddy. 


  1. I got teary-eyed looking at it! It was something I dreamed about, too, and I'm jealous that you got this moment captured!! So special!

    1. It really was Mary...and totally unplanned but so special.