Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween 2014

The second the clock hit 5 on Friday, I rushed home to begin celebrating my favorite holiday. I had planned to start getting ready after we handed out candy to trick-or-treaters, but we only had two. They were the cutest little things. While I was sad we didn't have more, I was happy that I had more time to get myself SCARY!

Since the theme of 2014 was wedding for Josh and me, I decided to keep it going and dress up as a Zombie Bride!

I purchased the dress from Goodwill, made my veil with some tulle, and followed a YouTube makeup tutorial to complete the transformation. I was pretty happy with how I looked :)

Josh went as my 30-Year-Old Teddy Bear, Gungie. He had the idea last year but couldn't find the bear costume, but this year we went shopping early. I loved it, and later on in the night, he was the star at all the bars! We actually had trouble moving locations because so many people wanted their picture with him. 

Walter wasn't sure what to think of us...

Our first stop of the night was Meg and Paul's Halloween Party. Meg is a caterer and let me tell you, the spread was delicious and the punch was potent. 

Paul, Meg, and Sweet Baby Emerson
This was Emerson's only appearance because she slept through the entire party. I am also not sure who she found more terrifying, me or Josh. 

From there we bounced over to party number 2 at Lanie and Dave's house. Hopefully Lanie will blog about it because the decorations were insane! If there had been a DC House Decorating Contest they would have won. Their place was spooky, elaborate and Modern Family caliber.
Can you find Helga?
Book Club: Helga, Juno, Jackie-O-Latern, Garden Gnome, VooDoo Doll, Mossy Log, Zombie Bride

Late in the night we moved the party to H-Street and stayed out till almost 3AM! This Zombie couldn't believe it was that late, and we Ubered home to snuggle with Walter. 
Gungie Bear, Zombie Bride, Jackie-O-Latern, and Juno
There's Josh! Finally see the man behind the bear ;)

The next morning it was cold and rainy so we did not feel guilty about doing this...
lounging by the fire, and

And that pretty much sums up the rest of our weekend :)

Did you have a Happy Halloween?

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