Monday, October 27, 2014

Weekend Recap: Wine Pairings and New Cuisine

On Friday night Beth came over to help set up for a special blog post that I am featuring tomorrow: a Wine and Halloween Candy Pairing. Josh and I were dog sitting for the weekend. So while Josh corralled all the canines (it was rather crazy), Beth and I opened wines, set out glasses, and arranged the candies. After a dinner of our favorite pizza, we began the tasting. It was pretty scrumptious but no more spoilers until manana. Later, Josh went downstairs to watch the World Series and so that we could separate that pups. Walter was so excited to have friends over that he turned into a wild banshee. A little separation helped calm him down and gave our two guest pups a break. Meanwhile, Beth and I watched two of our favorite Halloween movies: Double Double Toil & Trouble and Worst Witch. 

The next morning Josh and I had great hopes of sleeping in but the puppy corral had a different plan for us. After trips outside and doggie breakfast, they settled down for mid-morning naps. But, we made our escape from the chaos to go to CrossFit. Our box was hosting a breast cancer awareness WOD and collecting donations for the cause. All the proceeds went to the GW Mammovan which provides breast cancer detection services to women in the DC area, regardless of their ability to pay. Breast Cancer Awareness and Research is my sorority's philanthropy, and I love to support the cause.

The WOD consisted of modified versions of three of our famous lady workouts:
The scaling option for the muscle up was 3 Burpee Pull Ups for every MUs. That equaled 30 total which was pretty brutal. I am still working on my MU progression. My back injury/getting sick derailed my training slightly but I am back at it. Finished in 24:55 not Rx.
I took the wear pink part of the WOD seriously.
Photo via Kx Photos

We spent the afternoon playing with puppies and washing wine glasses. 

Later that evening we  rode the metro to church. Josh was not amused with my selfie obsession.

The main event on Saturday night was trying out a new cuisine: Ethiopian Food. While it was good and I enjoyed it, I am not sure I will be going back any time soon. It reminded me of Indian food which I love. But if ever given the option, I would choose Indian food over it (#ilovenaan). I didn't care for the injera, a spongy Ethiopian bread which is used instead of utensils. It tasted sour to me. I am glad I tried it though. Have you ever had Ethiopian food? What did you think? 

On Sunday, after a weekend of herding puppies, we were sleepy. We had a late breakfast, watched some HGTV, and then I ran some Halloween errands while Josh watched football. When grabbing my keys, I found this cute guy in my purse. I forgot Beth and I had bought new rings after dinner. Still loving this impulse purchase :)

I went to Target, Michael's, and the pet store before stopping at Chipotle to get us some grub. Gosh I love that place! Once I got home, I laid out my new loot and then took a nap. Sundays are my favorite day of the week because you can be lazy without feeling guilty. Gots to rest up for the week after all!
Loving my newest Target purchase. Pro to moving to the burbs, I am closer to Target :)

The rest of my night was spent doing laundry, drinking Friday's leftover wine, and watching trashy TV. It couldn't have been better.

How was your weekend?

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