Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend Recap: 1st CrossFit Competition

A few weeks ago I singed up for a CrossFit Competition geared towards novice and intermediate athletes. It finally took place this weekend, and I loved it! I am going to do a detailed post on the whole event, but I can tell that I there will be more competitions in my future!

On Friday night Josh and I hopped on the metro for an early dinner. Although, I miss the walk-ability of my old neighborhood, we are lucky to live so close to a metro stop. We are a few stops from Old Town, Alexandria which has the same charm as my old stomping grounds. After dinner I got in bed nice and early. I wanted to be well rested for the competition the next morning. 

Carb Loading

Gotta Brag: I have the sweetest husband in the world. Not only did he get my workout bag packed with all my CrossFit gear, but he also bought me a new water bottle and hand grips. It made getting ready on Saturday morning quick and easy, and I had everything I needed! Thank you hubby :)

All week I worried about the competition because I tweaked my back the week before. Luckily, it held up just fine, and I am pleased with how I performed. Full details on Thursday :)

I got home late that afternoon, and the Aggie game was in full swing. We had all our friends over for deer sausage and beer. The sausage was incredible, the Aggies were horrible. Even Walter needed a drink after their dismal performance. 
Bad picture but too funny not to share!

Following the game, the boys (including Walter) got into a rowdy game of dominoes while Emily and I watched chick flicks downstairs. I forgot how much I love "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days". 
My foot photobombed this picture and my toes look creepy. I promise it is an optical allusion. 

We stayed up WAY too late so the next morning we were lazy, lazy, lazy. We slept in, made a big breakfast, and lounged on the couch. I was (and still am) so sore from the day before and laying on the couch was about all I could do. 

Late in the afternoon I started organizing my closet. I got rid of things I no longer wear and packed away my summer items. Purging my closet has a cleansing effect. I feel less suffocated by stuff. I am also able to get a better idea of what is in my closet and then have a better action plan for future shopping trips. 

The weekend ended with church, Chinese takeout, and a movie. Another great weekend in the books (minus that Aggie game ugh). 

Do you know what Halloween classic this is?

How was your weekend?


  1. I'm behind on my blog reading (yet again) but am so proud of you for accomplishing a competition! So awesome!!!

    1. Thank you Mary! It really was so much fun and I plan to do another in December :)