Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Welcome Dinner & Bridal Brunch

Continuing with my wedding recap, on Thursday evening Josh and I took all our parents out to dinner to kick off the wedding weekend. Since we live so far away and Texas is such a huge state, some of our parents had still not yet met one another. It was the perfect way for everyone to get to know one another better before the chaos of the wedding ensued. This was also the night that we gave our parents some gifts we had selected for them. Josh and I were/are so thankful for all that they have done for us and we wanted to convey our gratitude in a personal setting. Just us and them. I also took this time to put away my camera and live in the moment. It couldn't have been better gathering, and the lasagna I ordered was awesome too!
Linda and Donna

The next morning my Mommasita and I woke up early to put together the gifts I was giving the wedding party. Shopping for gifts for my bridesmaids and girlfriends was one of my favorite parts of wedding planning. I have the most loyal and wonderful friends. Because of this I wanted to shower them with gifts to show them how much I appreciate them. Gift giving is one of my love languages. 

Earrings for the Bridesmaids
Monogrammed Shirts for the Bridesmaids...Thank you Lanie for taking these pics!
Pink Baskets

I also included religious candles and Evian Water was August in San Antonio (IE HOT) so those little misters saved the day all weekend!

My Mommasita's wonderful friends hosted the Bridal Brunch at a restaurant right on the Riverwalk. They made everything special and from the invitations to the table settings. It was immaculate, beautiful and personal. Plus the food was fantastic, and I am still thinking about the delectable Creme Brulee. Soooo good!
Mommasita and Me with the fabulous (and gorgeous) hostesses: Mayra, Lesli, and Ann
Tablescape with Paper Fans (I used my fan throughout the weekend)
The Yummy Menu

Sipping mimosas and being with my favorite ladies was just what I needed to help calm some of my wedding emotions and jitters!
My Daddy's Three Ladies: Samantha, Me and Linda
My High School BFF: Vanessa
Me and my Mommasita
My Mommasita convinced me to get this dress. I wasn't sure about it but now I love it! She always steers me in the right direction :) Similar here
BFFSM: Lanie

In between courses I handed out the gifts. It was like a girly Christmas morning :)

I love religious candles specifically ones with Our Lady of Guadalupe. I have several of them displayed in Josh and my house.

Towards the end of the lunch some Mariachi musicians asked us if we wanted a lunchtime serenade. Little did they know, I am a Mariachi singer. All my friends and family know this so they encouraged me to get up there and sing with them. So I did! Singing became a constant theme throughout the rest of the weekend which you will see. 

Here is a quick snippet :)

The Brunch ended at 1pm giving everyone time to rest, hangout by the pool or do anything they needed to do before the Rehearsal. It was a wonderful morning, and I will forever be grateful to Mayra, Lesli and Ann for organizing and hosting such a memorable party! 

More to come next week...


  1. You have an incredible voice! Love the dress, too!

    1. Thank you Mary! I really miss singing regularly