Thursday, October 2, 2014

Muscle Ups: A Five Week Series

"Can you do a Muscle Up?"

In CrossFit circle, this is a question that is constantly asked. The Muscle Up is the skill that everyone wants to conquer. People who have them earn looks of admiration and respect (at least from me). A MU takes strength, coordination, and A LOT of practice. The muscle up has still loomed over my head as one of my goals that I have yet to get (along with handstand walks and pistols). When I go into the box, I normally just do the prescribed workout/lifting and then head out the door and go about my day. This lackadaisical approach is not going to bring me any closer to a muscle up. You have to work on the skills you want in order to achieve them.

A few weeks ago, one of our Coaches mentioned a method that people have used to achieve muscle ups. I made a mental note to check it out after the wedding. When we returned from all the festivities, one of our friends let us know that he got his first muscle up! Instantly, he got my looks of admiration and respect. He told us the key to his success had been following the Outlaw Method, the same program that our coach had suggested. They have a detailed video post online about the program. Check it out to get visuals of the different movements and step-by-step instruction.

Here is a rough summary of how it works:

·         Follow the program for 4 weeks without ever trying a muscle up.
·         Practice the following skills 3 Xs Per Week on Alternating Days:
o   Hanging Hollow Rock on the Rings
o   Hanging V Raises (or as the Coach in the video calls them “Box Humps”)
o   Slow Turnover on the Rings with a Band
·         Do 3 Sets of 10 repetitions of each skill
·         During the first 2 weeks do 3 sets of 20 repetitions of the Hanging Hollow Rock
·         Remember NO attempts at muscle ups until you finish the 4 week program

Josh and I are starting the program tomorrow, and I will give you updates along the way. At the end of the month when we we make our first attempts at Muscle Ups, I will let you know if when we succeed!

Do you have a Muscle Up?

What skill are you currently working on?


  1. I am currently working on not vomiting after each workout. That's a skill, right?

    1. Haha, yes, that is an important skill that I continue to work on as well.

  2. So bada$$! Go you! I'm currently working on wanting to run, but am sticking to P90X mainly because that to me is easier! lol

    1. Ever since I have started crossfit, I dislike running. It makes me sad because I used to love it, but I just love CF so much more! So I understand the P90X is easier mindset, it is the same way I feel about CrossFit! haha!