Thursday, October 30, 2014

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea...

a Gypsy, Bohemian Lady, and/or Fortune Teller!
I start planning my Halloween Costume roughly 364 days in advance. I know not everyone is as psycho prepared as me. So I thought I would help you out with a last minute costume idea. Not only is this Gypsy, Bohemian Lady, Fortune Teller costume cute and creative, but every item was something I already owned. Here is what you need:
Long Skirt
Bright Colored Top
Long Necklaces
Hoop Earrings
I didn't have these but you can also add some bangle bracelets and/or carry a Christmas ornament as your Crystal Ball

Tie the scarf in your hair, don your jewels, and get ready to party!

Some other easy last minute ideas:
Lumber Jack-flannel shirt and you are good to go
Mime-all black clothes and some face paint
Football Player-favorite jersey and some eye black (black eyeliner)
Betty Crocker-apron and some flour in your hair
Selina Meyer (from VEEP)-Red Power Suit and heels

Happy Almost Halloween!

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