Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fall Fun: Visit A Pumpkin Patch

In South Texas our four seasons are not evenly distributed across the calendar. Summer is about 10 months long with Spring, Fall, and Winter splitting the remain two. Since moving to DC, I have come to truly enjoy Fall: the crisp, fresh air, the colorful foliage, and everything and anything involving pumpkin (minus PSLs). 

Over the weekend Josh and I brought Walter along for one of our favorite Fall traditions, going to the pumpkin patch. The patches up here are a bit different than the ones at home in Texas. Instead of visiting a church parking lot or the HEB store front (full of already picked pumpkins), we pick our orange treasure right off the vine. Not only is the experience fun and festive, but you cut out the middle man bringing the cost way down. We purchased over 120 pounds of pumpkins (yes, I went a bit overboard) for under $50.00 bucks. Talk about a steal!

We went to Hollin Farms in Delaplane, VA, which is about an hour away from DC. It is dog friendly, and they also have areas where you can pick your own apples and vegetables.

Walter loved the patch even more than we did. Mainly because he enjoyed rolling in the smashed (and slightly rotten) pumpkins. He thought it smelled so good, but Josh and I knew the truth. P-yew!

Walter: "I smell so good Momma"
Me: "Sure you do buddy"

We tried to get a family photo but someone just wanted to run free!

All of these orange beauties now grace our front stoop!

After the patch, we quenched our thirst with some wine tasting. Walter napped at our feet. Running over the vines and rolling in smashed pumpkin is exhausting! We went to two different wineries on the this trip: Aspen Dale and Barrel Oak. Both are dog friendly, but at Barrel Oak they gear the entire experience towards your pooch. Walter got tons of treats from all of the friendly employees, and he loved relaxing by the fire pits while watching the sun go down.

Right before we got in the car and Walter (and me) slept the entire way home!

What is one of your favorite Fall traditions?


  1. Awww an actual pumpkin patch! Looks so sweet and fun!

    1. My first ever pumpkin patch trip was with you! And that was the first time we met, and I got to meet your awesome parents. Still one of my favorite memories!