Friday, October 31, 2014

5 Things Friday

We had some vibrant sunsets this week. No filter needed. 

It's here! It's finally here! My favorite day of the year! WooHoo!!! Sing it with me now, "It's the most wonderful timmmme of the Yearrrrrr!" Once that clock hits 5PM, I will be out the door and on my way home to get decked out in my costume. Supposedly our new neighborhood doesn't get many Trick-or-Treaters, but we have the bowl of candy ready just in case. After we handout the goods, we are party hopping all around town. Hope you have a ghoulishly fun holiday and weekend. Bwhahahahaha! Oh, and don't forget about the time change on Sunday!

I was throwing leaves in the air in front of the Capitol yesterday (totally normal thing to do) when my Aggie ring flew off. We searched and searched for 45 minutes and could not find it. I was so worried (and devastated). Thankfully, a random stranger helped us look and she found it! I am wearing it on my middle finger now from here on out. 
Met up with Team Sullivan (some of my favorite people) for Happy Hour this week. I miss seeing them on a daily basis so it was nice to catch up over drinks. 
Congratulations to Mister Walter Bates! He graduated from Puppy School last night and will now be moving on to Level 2 classes with the big dogs. Such a smarty!
we did Fran at CrossFit this morning. Fran is one of CF's benchmark workouts and elite athletes can crush it in under 3 minutes! Wowza. It took me 9 minutes Rx, 3 minutes faster than when I did it in March. Supposedly if you wore a costume they would take a minute off your time. That didn't happen but I wouldn't have wanted it anyway. No cheating in CrossFit!

Happy Halloween!!!


  1. Awesome Fran PR, Olivia! Congrats!!

    1. Thank you! I was very happy with it...however, my arms were jello after

  2. oh wow that sunset is beautiful, hope you had a happy halloween!

    1. It really was incredible. I was walking my dog and kept my head tilted towards the sky until we went inside. And I had a great Halloween! Thank you Sienna! Hope you did too!