Friday, October 24, 2014

5 Things Friday

Yesterday marked Josh and my two month anniversary. Love you my handsome man!

Oh Friday, how I love you! This weekend Josh and I are joining some friends for Ethiopian food. This will be my first experience. Have you ever had it? I have heard great things, but I do know that it isn't for everyone. The Aggies have a bye weekend. Hopefully a week out of the limelight will help them kick their booties in gear. These past three games have been embarrassing. Ugh! 

Now for some quick housekeeping: 
Don't forget to check out my tips on how to survive your first crossfit competition, and congratulations to the winner of the Halloween giveaway, Robley! Your prize is in the mail :)

Have a great one my friends!

How cute are they? I can't even handle it!
Josh said we had too much orange on our front porch from my pumpkin overload. So he bought a maroon mum to change it up.  He is an Aggie through and through. 
I really want this sweatshirt (yes, I am being an obnoxious married person). I think it would be cute with black leggings and a statement necklace. Perfect for casual weekends and running errands. What do you think?

I am currently reading Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" and now when I see the Masonic Temple it is all I can think about! The MT is right by our house. Have you read that book?



  1. I loved that book! No time travel, but still great :) and pretty mums!

    1. I am liking the book but I dont think it is as goods as Angels/Demons or Da Vinci Code....and definitely not as good as REVOLUTION :)