Friday, October 17, 2014

5 Things Friday

Recently went shopping for my favorite holiday...this year's costume is sticking with a certain theme that took precedence in 2014 :) 

Last night Josh and I stayed up way too late to finish Breaking Bad. Going to bed at 1:00 AM on the weekend is out of character for me so on a "school night" it was even crazier. Yet, the series was stressing us out so much that we just needed to finish it for our own sanity. Despite our late bed time, I couldn't fall asleep. I couldn't stop thinking about how the show ended. Ughhhh! It is still on my mind. Have you watched the series? It is beyond intense. Word of advice: have some wine on hand. As for our weekend agenda, I have a CrossFit competition (my first) and we are watching the Aggie game. What are you up to? Hope it is a great one :)

Walter Attack
I mentioned the app Waterlogue a while back, and I still love it. As a person that cannot draw or paint, it makes me feel artistic. 
Remember how I mentioned that I was awkward during my outfit photo shoot? This picture didn't make the cut for the published post, and I think you can see why. Makes for a good laugh though :) Thank you Joshua for donating your photography skills. 
Current favorite evening activity: drinking wine and working on my blog. Got some fun posts in the works!

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