Friday, September 12, 2014

5 Things Friday

This week was a busy one: work was nuts, started volunteering again, and my suitcase remains unpacked! EEK! However, I have been on cloud 9 ever since Rachael sent us some of our Wedding Pictures. Like I told her, I am ready to print copies and plaster all of them on every inch of empty wall space in our house. 
I love them so much! 

Got a lot of fun things going on this weekend. I hope you do too! Cheers!

Found some little umbrellas when I was going through the spice cabinet. 
Little Umbrellas = Instant Party

Walter loves the new pillow Lanie gave us!

Throwback to our Honeymoon where I pretty much only ate two things: cheeseburgers and lobster. 

Josh and I went antiquing for a bit on Sunday. Found a few things I really liked including a dresser and a globe, but we walked out empty handed. Maybe they will still be there on a future excursion. 

One of my favorite photos from the wedding: Whooooooooop!!!
Thank you Rachael for capturing all of these great moments!



  1. I need that pillow! Where did she get it?

    1. Alisa I got it online at Exposures: They have several different items that are able to be personalized!