Monday, August 4, 2014

Weekend Recap: Rolling with the Motions

I got out of work a bit late on Friday. Josh and I decided to keep dinner to something easy and picked up Pho. Gosh I love that stuff.

Later that night we watched Noah. Have you seen it? What was your take on it? I liked it, but I don't think Josh was as into it. 

The next morning I had grand plans of working out, packing up my studio, and going to Josh's softball tournament all in the span of 5 hours. This did not happen. Walter woke up at his usual time of 4:30am, and after playing for an hour, I HAD to go back to sleep. I was exhausted! Sleeping till 8am made me feel better but I had to adjust my schedule. After a quick breakfast, I started packing up my "postage stamp". 
It was short lived, but I loved this little place. Studio Tour Manana!

Living in under 400 square feet makes for a quick packaging job, and I was finished after only a few hours. 
Found this when I was packing! Pretty spot on!

That night we met up with some friends to celebrate Deon's birthday. I had planned to only have a few margaritas. I wanted to make it to CrossFit the next day since I skipped that morning. I should have know that wouldn't happen. It is too hard to say no to the Lauriol Plaza swirl!

Birthday bot with his jiggly flan. 

The next morning I was feeling the effects of the night before. After lots of water and snuggles with Walter, I got dressed. Josh and I were attending our first dance class. We had originally signed up for a group class that ended up getting cancelled. It worked out for the better. Our new class is a private lesson and cheaper to boot! I had been looking forward to the class all week, but after all of those a fore mentioned swirls I feared that the hour would go by slowly. My fear was for naught because it flew by! Before I knew it I was back on the couch napping with Walter.

Later that night, after some playtime with Walter, Josh and I watched True Blood. What do you think oft this season so far? In all honesty, I am ready for it to be over. I just need to know how things turn out already!
Walter loves his new toy!

How was your weekend?

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