Friday, August 8, 2014

5 Things Friday

This week flew by! I think that is what happens when you are less than 3 weeks out from your wedding and you bring your cute (and rambunctious) puppy to work. 

For some exciting news (at least for me), I got my first Bar Muscle Up today at CrossFit! I am so pumped and ready to try it again. Next thing to conquer is the one on the rings.

What all do you have going on this weekend?
You will see what I am doing a little bit further along.

I have loved bringing my lil buddy to work. He has a lot of energy when we first arrive in the mornings, but after a while he calms down and naps for most of the day. I take him outside for a walk every few hours and it has been so nice to get fresh air during the workday. I NEVER do that. Such a nice treat. Plus everyone in the park loves seeing Walter's happy face!

I received this beautiful invitation in the mail yesterday for a Bridal Shower some family friends are hosting for me. We are just 15 days out and I feel great! I thought I might be nervous or worried that something might go wrong, but it has been the opposite. The closer we get the calmer I feel. I am looking forward to every moment, even the ones that don't go exactly as planned. 

Deer Sausage for dinner. Nom Nom Nom!

Most of my stuff is officially moved into Josh's place. Since I leave for the wedding next week, we had to get me out of my studio and into his place before we left. I went from this... this. Remember how above I said you would find out how I am spending my weekend later in the blog? Well, this is it...I will be organizing this mess.

Happy Friday Everyone and TGIF!

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