Friday, August 1, 2014

5 Things Friday

Woo! What a week! I am still working on getting Walter to sleep while I am sleeping. He is doing well but has not quite mastered it. Sleepless nights coupled with Capitol Hill drama has made for one exhausting week. Sadly, I am not sure it will end today, but here's to hoping. 
Happy Friday My Friends!

Any exhausting week equals a few extra coffee runs. It is nice to see someone sign my name like I do ;)

My mom used to fix my hair like this...Hello Cindy Loo Hoo! 

With the arrival of August 1st Josh and I are officially in our wedding month! Can't wait to marry my main squeeze at this gorgeous cathedral. 23 Days!

Walter got his first wedding gift this week from Linda and my Daddy. He is obsessed with his new toy and has been dragging it all over the place. It is quite comical since it bigger than his head. Love this lil guy!

Saved the best for last:
Two of my favorite people in the whole world are expecting their first baby! I have been keeping this secret for a few weeks but they finally officially announced their big news yesterday. They told me in such a fun way that it made it hard not to spill the beans but I succeeded. 
A few weeks ago, Robley mentioned that she had sent me something in the mail. Everyday for the next week  she asked me if I had received it. I should have suspected that something was up but I thought she was just sending me something Unicorn related. When I finally opened my surprise I screamed and before I even told Josh what I was reading he exclaimed "Robley's pregnant". He had already guessed the good news! I am elated for Robley and Brad. They are going to be the best parents and their little baby is going to have a life full of love, happiness and outdoor recreation (they are avid mountain climbers, campers, etc.). 
Saving this RSVP Card forever. Can't wait to meet Baby Sicard!



  1. How exiting for your friends! I love how they told you! so cute!

    1. I was completely surprised! And now all I can think about is planning the Baby Shower :)