Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend Recap: Wedding Dress Fitting

Early Friday morning I said Good-Bye to Walter (Oh and Josh too) and boarded a flight to Texas. After a long delay, I landed in McAllen at 3:30pm just in time for my 4:00pm wedding dress fitting. Everything in terms of my dress was cutting it close. Not only did I get to my appointment with out a minute to spare, but my dress arrived to the store just the day prior (which added some stress). Phew! Thank goodness it got there.

I do not have any pictures to share from the fitting (obviously got to keep those a secret for now), but it could not have been better. My Momma, Daddy and Linda were the only people I invited, and I was so thankful to share the special moment with the three of them. It was perfect and will be one of my favorite memories! 

Back in December when I ordered my dress, the girls at the store advised that I order my dress a size larger because they tend to run small. However, I did not adhere to their advise, and I am so glad I didn't. Other than a few little nips and tucks, the dress hardly needed any alterations which is a good thing. I need it ready in less than a week for my bridal portraits. 

After the fitting, the four of us went over to Mommasita's house to celebrate with some champs. We chatted the night away and before we knew it we realized it was 8:30pm and we hadn't eaten dinner. My Daddy treated us to an awesome steak dinner and even more great conversation. It honestly was one of the best days, and I could not be more grateful! However, the drive to Falfurrias was a bit tougher after the bubbly and a fully belly ;) but so delicious and worth it!
I love my family!
Since you can't see me in my dress just yet, I thought I would add a picture of me in my birthday suit instead :)

The next morning I said good-bye to my Daddy and Linda (saying good-bye never gets easier) and drove back to my Mom's. Although we have all of the big things set in stone, it is amazing how many little things you still have to knock out before a wedding. The time flew by and at 3pm we took a break to have lunch with Norma, my Momma's work colleague. 

Later that night after even more errands our other Norma stopped by to say hello! 

On Sunday, after a quick visit with Denise and Scott, my favorite neighbors of all time, it was time to pack up and head to the airport, but not before a stop at Rosita's for lunch. I never like leaving Texas, but this time it was kind of easier because I knew I would be seeing everyone in about a month at the wedding. Plus I had these two waiting for me :)

How was your weekend?

33 Days until the Big Day!!!! 


  1. What a great memory with your mom, dad and Linda! Can't wait for the wedding :) xoxo

  2. Cutest selfie ever of Josh and Walter! I can't wait to see your dress, I know you'll be a stunning bride! Miss you!

    1. Thank you Frannie! You are the sweetest! Aren't they the cutest? They sent it to me when I was stuck at the airport.

  3. I'm so happy your fitting and trip went well! How exciting that you get to do bridal portraits! Is that a southern tradition? I've never heard of it done in Ohio. Super jealous of it, though - sounds really fun and a great way to do make-up and hair trials!

    Your dog is SO cute, by the way! We want a corgi, too!

    1. I am really looking forward to them but also to have them off the to-do list ;)
      And they must be a Texas/Southern thing. We just had a conversation about them in our office and half of my coworkers had never heard of them. We always take the portraits prior to the wedding, and then you put the portrait near the guest book at the entrance of the reception.

      And yay! Walter is so much fun. I am already so in love. If you are considering getting one, I can say without a doubt it is a great decision. :)