Monday, July 14, 2014

Weekend Recap: A New Member of the Family

Wow! If you had asked me on Friday how I thought my weekend would be I would have said low-key and relaxing. It ended up being jam packed and included a big surprise. Now most of my readers follow me on social media so I am sure you all know the big news: I got a puppy!!!! I will get to the who, what, when and why in just a moment. Until then, let's recap:

Friday night Josh and I met up with a bunch of our friends for some live music, barbecue and time in the sunshine. In the summertime Hill Country Barbecue has an outdoor venue complete with great food, great people, Shiner Bock and an incredible music. The perfect combination. The band that performed, Sour Bridges, is from Austin and Josh's sister is friends with the lead singer. They put on a spectacular show!

The next morning, I struggled to get out of bed, but with only a few weeks until the wedding I want to get in as many WODs as possible. This one looked easy enough on the board, but it ended up being a killer. The WODs that look like a piece of paleo cake always end up being the ones that make me want to hurt and this one was no different. A full out sprint and I was zapped by the end. 
25:24 Rx
After I recovered, Josh and I ran some errands which included picking up our wedding bands. When were finished we decided we weren't ready to go home just yet so we stopped at Port City Brewery for a tasting and tour. They have awesome beer and a large variety: Wheat Beer for me and IPAs for Josh. Their staff is full of personality and I love their story. Highly suggested if you are ever in the Old Town Alexandria area. 

Now here is when the recap gets good: 
That evening, as Josh and I were hanging out, he got a strange look on his face. I asked him what was wrong and he replied that he didn't know if he should tell me. Now HE HAD to tell me. I kept bugging him until he finally gave in.

Josh had been planning to get me a Corgi Puppy as a surprise wedding present. According to his plan, he would write me a note on our wedding day and reveal that a puppy would be waiting for us upon our return to DC. Well as is life, things did not go exactly as he planned. There was no longer going to be a puppy in September and not for the WHOLE YEAR either. But, if we were ready, there was a puppy available for the following day! We could take a puppy now or wait until 2015!!! Josh decided right then and there to go ahead and tell me about the surprise and let me make the decision. Of course, I said RIGHT NOW! I was ready to snuggle with my corgi ASAP. At 9pm we cancelled our plans for the next day and made the arrangements to go get our pup!

The next morning after VERY EARLY church we started the 3 hour drive to pick up our puppy. About 2 hours into our drive we stopped at our favorite restaurant in Richmond, VA, Kuba Kuba. In full disclosure, it is the only restaurant I have eaten at in Richmond, but it is just soooo good that I never want to try anything new when we pass by. It serves authentic Cuban fare and the decor makes you feel like you are right on Miami Beach. Check it out if you are ever passing through!

Even though everything was delicious, I was too excited to eat and ended up taking most of my food to go. Back in the car we went for another hour before we finally reached our Corgi destination. I was a little nervous, but the second Walter and his brother were brought out for Josh and I to look at I knew was taking one home. The breeder said that Walter was the braver of the two (he was also chubbier), and I felt an instant connection with him. After a few sweaty minutes and a lot of puppy snuggles, the transaction was made and Walter was in the Jeep and heading home!

He did so well on the car ride and even had his first successful trip to the Pet Store. 

When we got back we had some adjusting to do and a bit of chaos (i.e. a poo-splosion), but overall Walter felt right at home. We even cuddled throughout the newest episode of True Blood. I am so in love with him, and I know my Instagram and Facebook will soon be covered with pictures of his handsome face. 

Besides getting engaged, Walter has to be the best surprise I have ever received. Thank you Joshua. I love you so much, and I promise I will walk him and take care of him (even in a blizzard) :) 

 How was your weekend?


  1. Walter is the cutest! You've got me all nostalgic since Nappy's gotcha day is tomorrow! Yay corgis!!! I hope you've invested in a Furminator brush for him and LOTS of lint rollers for you and Josh! ;)

    1. I thought of you once we got him! I was already obsessed with lint rolling thank goodness and I have a brush for him but I will look into the Furminator. Any other advice you have would be much appreciated. Love you Franny!

  2. I love Mister Walter Bates and can't wait for him to spend time with his pup cousins, Jackie and Daisy! :)