Monday, July 28, 2014

Weekend Recap: Bridal Portraits and More Things Wedding

On Thursday night, my weekend got started a bit early. I took the train to BWI (and got to catch up with an old friend) to catch my flight to San Antonio for my Bridal Portrait shoot. As things go with flying, the plane was delayed so I had a bruskie. 

I landed in San Antonio at close to midnight, met up with my Momma and went straight to bed. I COULD NOT SLEEP. I was too excited! Hopefully this is not an indicator of how the night before the wedding will be. The only good thing about not sleeping was it made waking up at 5:30am easy peasy. After a quick shower, the hair and makeup girls arrived, and I was completely beautified by 8:00am. 

My portrait session was scheduled before the museum where I am having my reception opened. It could not have gone any better. Not only did my incredible photographer get some amazing shots, but the weather stayed sunny and not too hot for most of the morning. Immediately after playing model, my Momma and I went into the main part of my venue for my mock-up. A mock-up is where you have a sort of dress rehearsal of how everything will look on the day of the wedding. They make up one table with all the linens, flowers, and place settings. Everything was beautiful. Even better than I had been imagining, and it made me even more excited (and trust me I am already at the top of the scale) for Josh and my wedding!

At about 1pm my Mom and I finally went and grabbed some lunch. We were exhausted!

Later after my mom had her dress fitting (she looks stunning as always), we knew it was time for an early Happy Hour. We went to a wine bar that lets you serve yourself from their wine machines. It then keeps track of what you buy on a pre-purchased card. Such a great concept and the perfect ending to a fun-filled day. 

That night I crashed HARD! I don't even remember falling asleep. The next morning we woke up early to search for my wedding shoes. 

Definitely how I feel lately

We ended up finding a great pair that met all of my criteria: not expensive, comfortable and pretty! Score! Shopping can work up an appetite so we shared some fried chicken with a glass of champs a different Wine Bar...

and stopped at Bird Bakery for dessert!

The next morning, my Daddy met my Momma and me for breakfast before going to Mass at the church where Josh and I will marry. Sunday was the anniversary of when Josh asked me to marry him :) so it was a great way to celebrate. 

After lunch, my Daddy took me to the airport. It is always so hard to say good-bye. Even though I knew I would be seeing everyone again in less than a month I felt so forlorn. A glass of wine and some Law &Order on the flight helped take my mind off of being homesick though.

And of course, when I landed, I was greeted by my handsome man and Josh ;)

Thank you for asking me to marry you Joshua! I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you!


  1. Awwwwww so sweet! I can't wait to see pictures! I bet they are stunning, just like the bride-to-be! :)

  2. I am really happy with how they turned out and it was good practice for the real day because I got HOT!!! haha! Love you Mary :)