Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Bridal Portraits, Nails & Checking Things Off The List

Today it is officially 1 Month until Josh and I get hitched. Can I hear a Hallelujah? Can I hear an Amen? Although planning process has been fun (but at times stressful), I am so ready to do it. Seal the deal. Tie the knot. Rip the Band Aid (not the best visual) and become Man and Wife. Speaking of Man and Wife. Why does the man get to stay man and the woman becomes wife? I just realized that now. Hmmmm. Without even looking it up I am going to go with it must have a Biblical origin.

This week is flying by. That is what happens when you return from one Wedding Trip on Sunday and turn around and fly right back to Texas for another 4 days later. The Texas trip I leave for tomorrow will be my last one until the we will be cramming in as much as possible! One of the highlights of the trip will be taking my Bridal Portraits. I thought taking your bridal pictures before the wedding was something everyone did. But, after talking to people in my office and some of my blogger friends, I realized that is not the case. (This is similar to when I learned Mums were a Texas thing.)

Per the website Southern Weddings

I am excited to have two opportunities to wear my dress, get all dressed up, and have a practice run for everything. We will then display one of the pictures at the reception near the guest book, and later it will gather some dust in my parent's house ;)

With my portraits on Friday, I need to get my man hands under check and get a manicure. I love getting manicures, but I rarely get them because of CrossFit. I don't like to think "eek, they are going to chip" every time I throw the barbell on the ground. So instead, I just save my money and let the callouses build up and rip off. Graphic image, but the truth. However, since these pictures will only happen once and I am the bride, I thought it was time they got a little TLC. I am thinking I will get a soft pink or some type of neutral. 
Wedding Nails

With one month left we have almost everything major checked off the to-do list, but it is amazing how many little things are still left to do. 
Printable Checklist Available Here

YES, I can't wait until this whole sheet is full of check marks. YES, I can't wait to seal the deal on August 23rd. Yet, I am also making a point to stop and savor every moment from here on out. I know the main event and all that it entails will only happen once, and I truly want enjoy every second.

Did you take/are you taking Bridal Portraits?

What color did you paint your nails?

Don't you love checking things off the To-Do List?

Wedding Wednesday


  1. Goodness you're so stinkin' cute! I am SO excited for your upcoming weekend! I really love that tradition and wish I would have done that! Sounds like so much fun!

    I loved my nails for the wedding: I got a no-chip French manicure, and it stayed on for weeks! I loved to look down and see them weeks after the wedding :) haha I'm so lame that I was sad when I finally had to get them redone!

    1. I can't wait to Mary :) and I will definitely be posting about it next Wednesday.

      I want to love my nails like that! I am also leaning toward the no chip gel. That way they also last through the honeymoon!

  2. I can't remember exactly what the name is of the polish I used, but it's between neutral and light pink. I didn't want to do a clear or french nails because a lot of brides seem to do those. I feel like you can never go wrong with neutral or pink. Go for it!

    1. I keep going back and forth, but as of this hour I am leaning towards the pink. It is my favorite color too :)