Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Dealing w/ Stress & Anxiety Part 2

My BFFSM Lanie and I were recently gchatting about stress and anxiety. These two Negative Nellies have been taking up too much of our time and we are sick of it!  As a believer of "living in the moment", being consumed with anxiety/stress is the opposite of what the statement preaches. When your mind is racing with "what ifs" you are living in the future and not at all enjoying the present. My wedding is only 5 weeks away. With so little time left I want to stop and savor every second...regardless of how stressful, chaotic or crazy it might be.

I have posted on this topic a bit before, but I needed a refresher course and have added some new tactics. Although I am far from being anxiety free, I am working on being present and in the now. Here are some ways:

Get Distracted
This one has been easy the last few days ever since we got Walter. He 100% lives in the moment. He is happy when he is eating. Happy when he is playing. Happy when he is napping. Being around him makes me forget about anything that is stressing me out for the wedding and just enjoy his sweet puppy face. A good distraction should bring you back into the present and out of the future.
Walter makes everything better! Humans can learn a lot from their dogs.

Create A Mantra
Write a short little blurp that you can recite to yourself whenever you're feeling uptight or uneasy. My current one (and 100% Wedding Related) is "It will all work out how it is supposed to". Simple. Definitely not original, but it is to the point. The second I say this I feel better, and I am brought back into the moment. I cannot control the future AT ALL and my mantra reminds me of that.

Talk It Out
Remember, how Lanie and I were gchatting above? Chatting about what is bothering you with a friend or a trusted confidant will put a new perspective on the situation that is irking you. Usually one that will make you feel calmer and less freaked out. An outside party can also help you devise a plan of action if needed or at the very least distract you (see #1) and bring you back to the now.
Gungie and wine help too!

Go To Bed
Finally, when all else fails, I tell myself to go to bed. That old saying "things will look brighter in the morning" is spot on. A good night's rest puts my mind back at ease, and the promise of a new day recharges my positive outlook. Nine times out of ten whatever I was worrying about the day before seems trivial the next morning.

What are some ways you remove anxiety and stress from your life?

Lanie has a lot of helpful tips over on her blog today too! Check her out!

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  1. Always wonderful chatting with you, BFFSM! Thanks for keeping me grounded and helping me through even the smallest of problems. I love you!!

  2. Walter is adorable and I totally agree with you about learning from our pups. My go to mantra is "Take a deep breath and let the rest come easy".

    I love your blog Olivia!

    1. That is a great mantra! Breathing has helped me as well. Miss you Sarah :)

  3. These are good tips! The going to bed one is usually what I do.

    1. Thank you Rebecca!!! Things always do look brighter in the morning :)