Tuesday, July 22, 2014

About Me

I’m Olivia...

a South Texas girl living in our Nation's Capital working in the halls of Congress. "Olivia Margaux" is a lifestyle blog with a heavy emphasis on health, fitness, and crossfit. Thrown into the mix are posts about my life in the DC area, my husband Josh, my corgi Walter, food, fashion and a whole lot of randomness. 

"Olivia Margaux" got her start (and a different name) back in 2010 after my Mommasita and I watched Julie and Julia. She would not stop hounding me about starting a Mother-Daughter blog. Finally I made a blogger account to appease her. Things have changed drastically since that first post, but I never could have guessed I would end up enjoying blogging as much as I do.

Some other (very random) tid-bits: I have a great love for all things Aggie, Camp Mystic, and ZTA. I am a trained mariachi singer and, as a hobby, a studied actress.  I have pageant and singing contests to my credits. I was the star of a small town furniture store commercial and had a stint as an extra in House of Cards. Even though Josh has served as my “pageant mom” for the last 5 years I have yet to be discovered. But, with his determination I know that it will happen soon ;)

As for my blog name, I recently got married and changed my last name. While the social security office no longer recognizes it, I thought my middle name, Margaux, should live on in my blog. Plus it is my stage name, and I want it ready for the day I make it to the big screen.

I hope you enjoy your visit and thank you for stopping by!

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Olivia Margaux partners with affiliate programs. Through clicking on some links in my blog it is possible for me to earn commission off items purchased. I only discuss items that I do in fact own/love (or hope to own), and I will never blog about items that do not fit my lifestyle or Olivia Margaux. 

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