Monday, June 23, 2014

Weekend Recap: Kitties and Surprise Parties

One of the best parts of getting married (besides the finding the love of your life and making them your life long partner part) is all of the gifts! It is like Christmas morning every time the UPS man arrives! Friday night got started with lots of packages. While we were ensconced in bubble wrap, our friends Victoria and Mike stopped by to drop off their sweet Cat, Golden Eye, who is staying with us for the week. I am already in love with this Kitty. 

One of my favorite summer time cocktails is a Dark & Stormy. I mixed a few up while Josh grilled steaks. It was a gorgeous night. After working all week inside, there is nothing I like more than dining al dente! 

The next morning, we got our crossfit on. 
I finished with 2 +29 and used a 65lb barbell. 

Then had breakfast.
Coffee and Box Life while waiting for the bacon to be ready.

We spent most of the day doing things around the house before going to a surprise birthday party for our friend Alison. Her husband, also Josh, went all out on for the party and it was incredible! Plus Alison was actually surprised which is the hardest part to a surprise party...keeping the guest of honor in the dark.

Sunday was spent doing things around the house before Mass. Later that night, Emily and Phil came over for the Soccer Game (#soclose) and some burgers. They stayed for the season premier of True Blood. Emily and I were disappointed that Eric didn't make an appearance, and we all agreed that it would have been a better episode minus Sookie's long monologue. I think she is my least favorite character. 

How was your weekend?


  1. Looks like a great weekend! That cat is adorable!!

    1. It really was! And now I want my own cat haha!