Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap: A Surprise Visit

Earlier last week my dear friend Alycyn found out that she was coming to DC for work! Woo hoo! A surprise visit and it was perfect timing since Josh was at his bachelor party all weekend. Friday evening we got things started with a sushi dinner at Perry's. Alycyn has always talked about how great their rooftop is and boy was she right. It was fantastic especially since the weather was gorgeous. After lots of fun conversation and a few bottles of wine, we decided to keep the night going and ventured over to one of our favorite hangouts from when we were younger...

If you have never been to Dan's and you live in DC, YOU NEED TO GO! It is a total dive bar but I absolutely love it. When you make a trip to Dan's, you know that the night is about to get rowdy and sure enough it did. 
Dan's is cash only FYI!

Dan's also leads to drunk dialing your good friend who just got a new job about a million times so that you can meet up to congratulate him...oh and to eat late night pizza too!
Congrats Matt!!!

At about 3am, we all ventured home! That is LATE and not at all normal for this girl anymore. The next morning, Alycyn and I lounged in bed before venturing over to the public pool in Glover Park. It was a gorgeous day, and despite the shennanigans from the night before, we felt pretty good!

When we had our fill of sunshine, we went over to Emily's house for some more girl time. We ordered in take-out and had a Babysitter's Club marathon. Not only did we watch the movie but also the entire television series. It was a great night, and just what we needed after the craziness of the night before. 

After a rejuvinating night's sleep, I met up with Beth for spin class (it felt so good after a weekend of indulging) and then we had our last meal with Alycyn before taking her to the airport.

On the way to the airport, we found this hidden gem on the side of the road. DC is full of treasures!

I spent the rest of my Sunday resting, cleaning and then picking up an EXHAUSTED Josh from the airport after his weekend of debauchery in NOLA.

How was your weekend?


  1. Oh my goodness: Perry's AND Dan's?!?! Wow you make me miss DC! I haven't been to Adams Morgan in YEARS!!!!

    I saw Matt on Saturday (in Columbus! Such a small world!) and he told me he went out with you Friday night for some craziness! Love it!

    1. Haha Adams Morgan is hard place...I was feeling it the next day :)

      And yay for seeing Matt. It really is a small world. Hopefully you will be visiting DC soon :)