Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Weekend Recap: Biking, Camping and A CrossFit Triathalon

This past Friday Josh had a softball game The weather was GORGEOUS so I decided to ride a Capital Bike Share bike down to meet him. I ended up missing the entire game because I got so distracted by all of the Monuments and Memorials. It doesn't matter how long I live in this city (6 years in case you were wondering). I am still a tourist at heart, and this place continues to take my breath away at times. 

After my ride and Josh's game, we ordered pizza and crashed. The next morning Josh went to CF while I lounged at home. When he got back, we loaded up the car and started our road trip to Maryland for his Office Picnic/Camp Out. It was awesome! We floated on the river, ate crabs and hot-dogs, drank beeritas, roasted s'mores by the campfire and enjoyed the beautiful setting. Josh's coworkers are all so down to earth and sweet, and I enjoyed a lazy day of floating and spending time with them. That night Josh and I snuggled in our tent (Gungie may or may not have been there too) before waking up at 6am!

We woke up early not only because the sun was already bright and shining, but also because I was participating in the CFA/CFFC Triathlon! This was the main reason, I took the day off from CF the day before and boy am I glad I did. I am going to do a full recap on the event but the general format was we did a WOD at our Box CFA and then ran the 5 miles to CFFC for a 2nd WOD. It was a challenge but I loved every second of it. Yes, I am a part of the cult and proud of it!
Photo Courtesy of the talented Keith of Kx Photos
Thank you Keith for always capturing all of the great moments. Honestly, it you ever need a photographer Keith rocks!!!
The rest of the day was spent resting and anxiously awaiting Game of Thrones!

How was your weekend?

Do you like camping?
I really do and this weekend made me realize I need to do it more often.

Have you ever participated in a Triathlon of any kind?

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