Friday, June 6, 2014

5 Things Friday-Mommasita Edition

Two weeks ago my Mommasita flew up to DC to celebrate her birthday. We did SO much and all of it was so much fun. However, it would take multiple blog posts so I thought I would recap with the CliffsNotes version instead.

On our first full day, Josh, Mommasita and I drove to The Plains to meet up with her friend Kathy to go wine tasting. It was a gorgeous day!

The next day was Mommasita's Birthday. We got spruced up and headed straight down to Georgetown for some shopping and fun but we didn't fix our hair...

Because later we splurged on blowouts at Dry Bar! This was my first time there and I loved every second of it. Not only did my hair look great, but the experience was fun and so relaxing. While you are getting your hair fixed, you get to sip on refreshing drinks and watch old movies. Can't Buy Me Love was on while I was there and I forgot how much I love that movie. I will definitely go back!

We met up with Josh for drinks at POV (which is a must stop if you are ever in DC) and then treated my Momma to Rasika, Josh and my favorite restaurant. This was the first time Mommasita had ever had Indian food and I thinks she is now just as hooked as we are :)

The rest of the weekend was spent eating more great food, drinking even more great wine, grilling, shopping, and lots and lots of walking! It was perfect!

I love you Mommasita, and Happy Happy Birthday!


  1. Too cute! You two could seriously be twins!

  2. Your hair looks AWESOME!! I want to go! :)