Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Recap: Because I'm Happy

On Friday night I completed the final portion in my quest for Group Exercise Instructor Certification and took my practical. I am doing a full recap of the course and tests, but to give you a quick recap the practical consisted of me doing strength and cardio moves for a proctor via web cam. If Josh had stuck around, I think he would have found it amusing watching me hop around the living room. I feel pretty confident that I passed but should know the official results this week. Stay tuned :)

As a reward for completing my course, Josh made these delicious and overflowing stuffed peppers. He has this recipe down to an art. Soooo good!

The next morning we had a HERO WOD at CF. This one was a douzy. I did everything Rx minus the back squat where I used 85lbs. I am still feeling it today!

I spent the rest of the day with Lanie. We went to the mall (the one with stores not the one with monuments) and then to her house for some wine to celebrate her Godmother's last radiation treatment. Congratulations Kathy!

That night our hunger games fan club book club got together for take-out and to rewatch the Hunger Games movies. We are a little more than obsessed. The HG was the first book we ever read in our book club and continues to be the only book we talk about. 
While watching the movies I tried to give Beth a Katniss braid :)

On Sunday, it was BEAUTIFUL outside. Josh and I had lunch at one of our old hangouts and then walked around Eastern Market. The rest of the day was spent being lazy which was perfect.
He was not amused with my attempts at some selfies. 

How was your weekend?

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