Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Gifts Ideas for the Mom-To-Be

Yesterday, while on the way to work, I was listening to the radio and the caller caught my attention. She was a woman in her twenties whose friend is pregnant and plans to celebrate Mothers Day this year. For some reason this angered the caller who was also a mother. She was adamant that since her friend had not yet given birth she should not celebrate Mother's Day yet.

I completely disagree! Whether you are 3 weeks pregnant or about to go into labor, a mother should celebrate if she wants to. If you are wanting to give a certain Momma-To-Be a little gift, I have a few suggestions that will make her as happy as a clam:

Gifts for the Mom-To-Be

A Bottle of Nice Champagne
While baby showers tend to be about the baby (hence the name), this can be a time to shower the Momma...and after abstaining from alcohol for 9 months, a nice bottle of champs is the perfect gift. She can then have it chilled and ready for after the baby comes!

In lieu of flowers, how about a small succulent? They are easy to take care of and last forever. Plus once that baby gets here this Momma will more than likely not have much time for gardening.

A Pedicure
Those toes of hers deserve some pampering! Give her a gift card to use when the time is best for her or set up a date to go together. Not only will this give you some time with the Momma before her life changes, aching feet will appreciate getting some extra TLC.  

A New Book
Although she might not have time to read it after the baby comes, she might before. Plus it could come in handy when she is up at night when the baby is born!

These shoes are easy to slip on and off which is perfect before and after the baby gets here. 

A fun hat  for summer time walks with friends and a new baby!

Because who doesn't love a fantastic smelling home?

Ice Cream
Maybe this is just me but I would love anyone who showed up at my door with some Blue Bell!

***These gifts are also perfect for your own Mother. Minus the bun in the oven rationals from above, most Moms love pedicures, ice cream and champs too. Plus they don't have to wait till after labor to enjoy the alcohol ;)

What do you think? Should a Mom-To-Be celebrate Mother's Day?

I definitely think a gift is totally optional, but if you were to give one, any additional suggestions for the Mom-To-Be and all Mothers?

***On a side note, I am not pregnant. The radio show just got this on my mind. I thought it would be a nice change from all of the other "normal" Mother's Day gift guides...which I realize are pretty much one and the same :)

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all of the Moms Out There!!!

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