Friday, May 9, 2014

Five Things Friday #draftday

Today my 5 Things Friday is all about #draftday which started last night. I was a jumble of nerves all evening because we had three Aggies expected to go in the first round. 
Before things got started, I downed a glass of champs and had Josh pour me another. I was already that nervous!

I felt confident that all three of our boys would do well but as an Aggie Fan you learn to live with all the naysayers especially when you have someone like Johnny Manziel on your team. People who love him root for him with all they've got, but some people want to see him fail (which I just don't get).

As the draft went on and on, I got more and more nervous. I honestly felt like a protective Momma over my Johnny Football. Who knows how is own mother must have been feeling! I was obviously elated when Jake and Mike went to back to back picks, but I kept asking the same question everyone else was:
 "what about Johnny?"
Finally, the Cleveland Browns drafted him as the 22nd pick. I think all along we knew he would probably end up there, but I was still just as excited and relieved. Plus the Browns Fans are so excited to have him which makes me even happier! Supportive Fans makes for a better and greater NFL experience in my opinion. 
Obviously I needed Wine and Gungie to get me through this!

So, like I said above, it was a great day for Aggie Football! Jake Matthews gets to carry on the family business, Mike Evans made me cry when he got emotional and hugged his sweet little daughter after they called his name, and Johnny Football gets to go and prove every naysayer wrong once again! 
Gig 'Em Browns!
Aggie Network 

Oh and Josh, I want this as an early birthday present :)

Happy Friday Everyone!!!!


  1. I LOVE this. As a Browns fan by birth, I'm glad I (finally!) have someone to watch the games with this fall ;)