Friday, May 2, 2014

5 Things Friday

Busy week, like always...luckily the monsoon that hit DC this week has finally ended so I plan to spend most of the weekend outside!

Happy Friday!!!
I had so much fun when I went to visit my Daddy and Linda over Easter Weekend. We went on walks with the dogs, ate lots of delicious food (thanks Linda!!), and drove around the ranch. I love South Texas so much, and I love spending time with my family even more. It was the perfect weekend!

Josh went to one of the best receptions on the Hill this week and brought back these flowers for me. Aren't they gorgeous!

I had lunch on Wednesday with my former boss/one of my favorite people ever . It definitely was one of the highlights of my week!

My mom and I stayed at her friend's ranch while we were in San Antonio for wedding planning last week. It reminded me so much of Camp Mystic...the Cyprus trees, the creek bed, and the cool Hill Country air. Love that place!

At Book Club on Wednesday we were rehashing this year's MapleFest and it made me nostalgic for our fun trip of syrup and craziness. 


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